Thursday, May 19, 2011

Evil Shades: Arcane Collection and Random Other Shadow Swatches

I went crazy on samples a little while back at Evil Shades and I had to share with you my order. I put all of these over Urban Decay Primer Potion (taking a bit of a cue from my girl Phyrra - seriously, you have no idea how hard it is to get swatches to look good if you've never tried).

So here we go!

Evil Shades Arcane Collection

Evil Shades Arcane Shadows
Top Row: White Witch, Potion, Dream Speaker, Spellcaster
Middle Row: Amulet, Incantation, Athame, Mysticism
Bottom Row: Conjure, Dark Arts, Voodoo
  • White Witch - Stark white with multi color glitter particles. I suspect it would be good for corners or a lid color if you want to make your eyes POP. Probably too white for a brow highlight if you're going semi-natural.
  • Potion - Yellow green with multi color glitter. Similar on me to Incantation but more green.
  • Dream Speaker - Very very light gray blue with multi color shimmer. 
  • Spell Caster - Light blue with teal shimmer.
  • Amulet - GORGEOUS burgundy with red shimmer
  • Incantation - Yellow, similar to Potion, with multi color shimer. 
  • Athame - Gray with pink duo chrome and multi color shimmer. AMAZING
  • Mysticism - Seafoam green with shimmer. Fantastic!
  • Conjure - Deep periwinkle purple with multi color shimmer
  • Dark Arts - Darker purple cousin of Amulet, red shimmer.
  • Voodoo - Bright Pink-Red with pinkshimmer. 
 My Picks: White Witch, Potion, Athame, Amulet, Mysticism, Conjure and Dark Arts. But it's worth getting samples of the entire collection. Personally, I went back and ordered full sizes of Athame, Amulet and Conjure.

A Few Mythology Shadows

Evil Shades Swatches
Top Row: Drakon, Valkeries, Nixies, Wyvern
Middle Row: Burlesque, China Doll, Gossamer, Daydream
Bottom Row: Kona
  • Drakon - Purple brown with multicolor shimmer. It's duochromy. Expect to see me using this a lot! It's pink in some light, brown-purple in other light. And somehow all of that at the same time. I can not love this any more than I do. GET IT!!!
  • Valkeries - Powdery pink, with some sheen. A little too chalky for me. But it's pretty.
  • Nixies - Metallic steel blue. Metallic
  • Wyvern - Chalky green on me.
My Picks: GET DRAKON!!! After this shade, it was like... What? There are other shadows? Oh, I don't care about them. Just give me Drakon.

Random Blushes
  • Burlesque - Peachy nude on me with shimmer
  • China Doll - The lightest pink you can possibly imagine with shimmer. I would use this as a highlighter, it's that light.Gorgeous, though.
  • Gossamer - Barely there shade of pinky-peach with shimmer. This is almost more of a veil of color than an actual color on me unless swatched heavy.
  • Daydream - Shimmery Peach. I tried it out one day, there's a lot of shimmer. So if you don't like that, beware. But it's a beautiful sun-kissed cheek look.
  • Kona - Got this as a sample. It's a chalky nude. Pretty, but almost more of a foundation-type shade to me.  Maybe it could be used as an interesting setting powder?
 My Picks: Daydream if I had to go for any. It was the first I reached for. But glittery cheeks on me are difficult because my skin sort of, well, sucks. If I ever obtain that flawless look I'll be diving into these.

Bottom Line