Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm a Guest Blogger for Adventures in Scent!!! (Check it out, my footnotes, and more pictures)

You know how much I love my Penhaligon's Artemisia from past posts. But did you know how it impacted my life? I forsook my earlier love, Versace Red Jeans for the love of Artemisa. And the "why" was simple. I outgrew Red Jeans. Please read AND COMMENT on the post over at Adventures in Scent.

But there's more to the story which I couldn't fit in their post.

  1. The story I wrote to Penhaligon's was limited to 500 characters (I went a little over), but the gist of it is there. 
  2. Red Jeans REALLY IS a man magnet but I think it smells young because it is affordable at a younger age. My theory is that maybe guys also associate this smell with younger *cough*moreattractive*cough* women. This theory is untested (unless you count numerous "wow you smell good" comments when wearing that perfume).
  3. I felt guilty over purchasing Red Jeans after my co-workers comment primarily because my husband was jealous of my friend's attention.  But he wasn't the only guy to say this, just that was the strangest one. Smell is one of the hardest things to compliment about without someone feeling awkward. I have since gifted this friend's girl (who is also a friend) with the perfume as there was no way in hell I was ever going to touch that bottle again! And when she reads this she will know exactly what I'm talking about and hopefully will laugh!
  4. While Gucci II and Lolita Lempicka are both awesome, I began to associate them with work, not fun. Chanel Chance suffered that fate as well.
  5. Artemisia I want to wear all the time! I wear it to work as well as out. But I don't, at this point, associate it with anything in particular other than "Me". It is so rare in Dayton that it's one scent I can really say is "mine" (at least for the moment).
I would encourage you to try Penhaligon's Fragrance Profiling Service. It's awesome!

Additional Pictures Kara took for the Penhaligon's Piece (these are so awesome)

No Picture Taking Session is Complete Without Cicero!!!
Just for fun. :)

Truly I am honored to be featured on their blog. It's my first "guest blog", which makes it even cooler.   I also *think* I'm the first "Guest Blogger" on that blog from the States so yeah... ego boost! :) It's awesome!


P.S. Unless you live in a big city that has Penhaligon's somewhere, you'll need to purchase from them  online or call a store. It's expensive perfume, but their scents are completely different from what I've smelled from our traditional popular perfumes this side of the pond.