Thursday, May 26, 2011

JewelMint - I Finally Try Out The Other Subscription Accessories Club

Recently I took advantage of a coupon for JewelMint (my personal invite link) and decided to give them a try. Prior to this I had felt that many of the items in JewelMint's collection were a little too strange or not to my taste, but over the months I began to realize that they are quirky, fun, and quite a different vibe from Send The Trend. Where Send The Trend looks for what is current NOW, JewelMint doesn't put an emphasis on "Trendy" but more on individual style. While they do give you selections just like Send the Trend, their selection is far more limited and not as focused on a theme (though items do tend to work well together).

My First Purchase - The Bowie Ring

Jewelmint Bowie Ring
The Bowie Ring

Any way you slice it, the piece itself is sturdy and fun but probably not worth $29.95. However, I have worn this ring SO MUCH since I purchased it I have more than gotten my money's worth out of it. That's why this piece rocks in my opinion. I love the metallic and the stone (though to be honest I don't know that it's real stone). The design itself reminds me of Frank Herbert's Dune for some reason. I call it my Ducal Signet Ring, for no reason other than to be strange. But it does have a Sci-Fi feel to it.

The Packaging

Jewelmint Bowie Ring

Jewelmint Bowie Ring
All this for a costume ring?
At first I was very impressed by JewelMint's packaging. Look at it! It's nearly as special as receiving a Tiffany Box in design, plus the note from Kate and Cher on the inside describing inspiration and ways to wear your purchased item is awesome. The thing is, you'll get this packaging EVERY TIME. After a while, it becomes a bit of a waste. I wish I could return the boxes for recycle or something. Maybe get a discount on a purchase for returning boxes?

Subsequent Purchase - The Mumbai Bracelet

JewelMint Mumbai
My Mumbai Bracelet
Made of what my friend Kara calls "pot metal" this go-with-anything bracelet sold out fast on JewelMint. On their facebook page some people who got the bracelet were calling it "The Mumbai Club" because it had such a following and it's easy to see why. It's the perfect little piece to wrap up an outfit. Again, is it a $30 piece? No. But I wear it so often how can I say it was a bad purchase?

The collectible nature of these pieces is something that Send the Trend does not have. Send the Trend will cover me for staple pieces to keep me up to date. But if I want something different from trendy, I will look to JewelMint. Plus, I can't deny the draw to "collect" with such limited arrange of offerings. That's just fun!

One thing you will love regardless of your taste: The Shipping is FREAKY FAST!!! 

Bottom Line
With the option to opt out, just like other subscription services, why not?

Anyone can join JewelMint  but I would be honored if you joined through me: My Invite Link to JewelMint.  You won't get charged until your first purchase. After that, you can skip months just like other subscription services.