Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Looking for a girly baby pink? Zoya Bela has you covered!

So back when I heard the news that Zoya Bela was featured in the movie the Black Swan, I knew I had to have it just to try it out. Zoya's "Like" promo on Facebook gave me the chance to get the color for free - well timed since this is NOT a color I would pick up any other way. It's just not my type of color. But I guess it was Nina Sayer's color.

By the way, I keep wanting to type "Bela" with two "L"s so forgive me. Must be a Twilight thing...

Zoya Bella
Yeah, I accidentally typed "Bella" instead of "Bela". Sorry.

Zoya Bella

Zoya Bella
Outdoor pick was truest to color.

Silly sun didn't want to come out while I was wearing this but I did the best I could for you on these shots.

Baby bubble gum pink. This color is almost (but not quite) sheer. I'm using two coats in the above picture and you can tell I have VNL.What's remarkable was that my nails were long enough to HAVE VNL. Ha! But regardless of my dislike of pale pinks, I sort of ended up liking this one.

Like I said, this was on the sheer side. So you may need more than two coats to even it out. As it was, I still didn't get great coverage around the cuticle and nail tip area - I could be suffering from a little bit of Seche Vite shrinkage.

As usual, I used two coats over Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator and topped with Seche Vite. This color wears very well.

Bottom Line
If baby pink's you're thing and you don't mind dealing with more coats then Bela may find a home in your collection. It's pretty, but the only special thing about it is that it was a nutty ballerina's go-to polish in one movie.

Zoya Nail Polish can be purchased for $8 a bottle from Zoya's Website.