Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Quest for My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

The Tiny Beer
I am now in the second Phase of ChaLEAN Extreme, the Push phase. Funny enough it's tougher this time around I think. Of course, I'm also lifting massively heavier weights than I started out lifting the first time. I am  feeling it in the right places, but it's sore.

I had a rough eating week. I had the munchies A LOT!!!. Gelato attach once again. But more importantly to note was alcohol consumption increased a bit. You see, we went to the Melting Pot for Mike's birthday (a belated celebration over the weekend) and discovered the "Tiny Beer" (right). AWESOME! But we've started making them at home. The combo of cream and Liquor 43 is delicious but it is one of those things that triggers, once again, more munchie feelings. Therefore, I must not consume them.

Oh, and lets not forget the Cinco de Mayo Coronas! Lots of coronas...

On to the weight!

Weight: 156.8 (+1.4)

I know soreness sometimes equals extra water cushioning injured muscles, so I'm hoping some of that 1.4 there is muscle and some of it is water. I'm just going to keep pushing forward and hopefully get back into the swing.

Oh, I promised reader Bill a picture of my arms post 40 day challenge...

Picture taken by Kara

Hee hee. :)