Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Quest for my Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

I almost don't want to weigh myself this week because I want to focus on something really cool:

First softball game of the year 2010 (LAST YEAR):

Remember that? I had such a large tummy I had this downward trajectory and crash landed along the base line halfway between home and first? One time is funny, twice is ridiculous and yes I did it twice.  I had just started losing weight at this point, but not much yet.

First softball game of the year 2011 (last night):

That's a heck of a difference, yes? No, I did not fall down running to first this year. However, I did manage to do something I haven't done since high school: I whipped that frakking mask off an snagged a pop-up foul and got a guy out all by myself! I was so excited and proud. It doesn't matter that we still lost by well over 12 runs. It was a personal achievement! And it wouldn't have happened if I hadn't had all of you here reading this every week and helping me out. I mean that.
Of course I celebrated with margaritas and tillapia and chips and salsa afterward, which will not help this weigh in at all! On to the bad news.

Weight:157.8 (-0.2 lbs  I maintain)

Frak it all. I caught a pop up foul ball and got that guy out, yo! :)

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