Monday, May 16, 2011

Questions: Hair Loss and Weight Loss?

Face of the day - 05/06/11
recent pic with lots of whispies
You may have noticed over the last few months that my faces of the day have had far more "hair whispies" around my face. Yes, I have always had broken hairs, but it has just been getting steadily worse.

I went to my wonderful stylist Genny at Hausfelds over the weekend. I informed her the little hairs were bothering me, and that I was fearful they were being caused by my flat iron (which I have been using more frequently). She agreed and proceeded to color my hair starting at the back in order to go easy on the front.

Then a funny thing happened. When Genny got to my front hair she said "Sarah, have you been shedding? Because I think this is new growth." I told her I didn't know. But regardless it is apparently very healthy hair that's just shorter than the rest of my hair. No breakage at all, she said.

Genny informed me that in her experience when she's seen people go through a large weight loss (my 50 lbs qualifies), that the body likes to shed hair.A quick google search told me this might have to do with either poor nutrition or better nutrition. I hate when searches give contradictory answers! But either way, it seems common.

And here I was thinking it was just left over damage from when I burned my hair in my birthday cake two years ago!

So I was curious: 
  • Have any if the rest of you experienced this? 
  • Why does this happen, if it does? 
  • Any solutions?