Saturday, May 14, 2011

Quick! I have 5 hours to decide...

Imagine this scenario:

Somehow, you got invited to the wedding of your FAVORITE DESIGNER.You worn several items of clothing by this designer which would totally be appropriate for an evening wedding if styled correctly. You also have other things you could wear.

The Question: Is wearing a designer's clothing like wearing the t-shirt of your favorite rock band at said rock band's concert?

  • Awesome outfit.
  • The designer even said you could wear it when you asked her the rock band question.
  • You look hot!
  • Husband thinks it's wrong.
  • Everyone there will know label you a "fan girl" (which you kinda are).
  • There is a possibility that someone else there will be wearing the exact same thing because you're probably not the only fan girl
Further - Would you hurt the designer's feelings if you didn't wear it?

Life, can it get any more complicated than a "Girl and a Dress" decision?

Help me now, readers!