Friday, May 20, 2011

Review: SeneGence LipSense - The "Mogwai" of the Lipstick World!

If you want a lip color that won't fade, ladies and gentlemen this is it! But it comes with a few rules you HAVE to follow.


Doesn't look like much does it? But I promise you, it's different.

Lipsense - Mauve Ice Topped with Sugar Plum
On Emily: LipSense Mauve Ice Topped with Sugar Plum
Good Bridal Combo
I had the good fortune to review LipSense as a product, courtesy of Emily Rooney, a SeneGence rep. SeneGence is a direct sales company that offers this product. They went to direct sales after trying to sell on one of the home shopping networks (according to Emily) because they found that many people were using the product incorrectly. When used correctly you can get up to 14 hours of wear depending on the color and your own personal chemistry with the product. I know, you've heard of other long-wearing lip products promising the same. According to Emily, Revlon tried to purchase the patent from SeneGence a while back but they refused (have not verified). It's just that cool.

The tube LipSense product comes in looks like a lip gloss tube. There's a little doe foot applicator. No problem right? WRONG! You totally need to try this on after viewing a video or sitting down with someone IN PERSON. Why? Because LipSense is like Gizmo and Gremlins - if you don't follow the rules and bad things happen.

LipSense Rules of Application
Here are the rules for applying LipSense as explained to me by Emily:
LipSense Roseberry and Sugar Plum
Top: Roseberry, Bottom: Sugar Plum
  1. Start with clean lips - This means NO BALM!!! While those lips off with witch hazel first!
  2. Shake your LipSense color tube - They mean it. This product tends to separate so you do want to shake it.
  3. Begin with the lower lip -  Start at a corner and sweep ONCE over lower lip to the other corner.
  4. DO NOT SWISH THE APPLICATOR BACK AND FORTH - Unlike lip glosses, if you do this you may pick up some of the product. It dries fast, but be careful as it bonds to your lip.
  5. Don't be alarmed if it stings at first - this is normal and will go away with time and use. 
  6. Start the top lip in the middle and go to the outer corner - repeat on other side.
  7. Wait a few seconds! - Again, this is so the product has time to bond with your lips.
  8. Repeat the process until desired opacity is reached - yes this sometimes means as many as four or five layers depending on how well you have shaken your tube and the color you have chosen. 
  9. Top with Gloss - LipSense sells a gloss but you can use other ones (I have). But their gloss is really nice and should not be overlooked. Also, LipSense Glossy is totally NOT sticky! Huge plus!
  10. It's totally ok to eat after midnight - your color will still be relatively fresh depending on application time. 
LipSense Kiss Test
Post Application Lip Test - No Color Transfer!
LipSense Removal
LipSense sells a remover, but Emily tells me it's much more economical just to purchase a glycerin based soap to remove. She would rather you spend the money on another color, of course! Who wouldn't want that?

Benefits of LipSense
What I was told by Emily is that after using this product for 10 days straight, my lips should improve. That the more you use it, the less you have to clean your lips to apply it as well. I have found the latter to be true. I have yet to see an improvement in my lips but I haven't quite reached 10 days yet.

More LipSense Swatches
Blu-Red Swatch On Top
Popular Colors
Emily tells me that Blu-Red is the color Christina Aguilera wears. She also says that 9 times out of 10 women will pick this color if they are going for a bold red.

One lip color is $22. That sounds like a lot, but you do get a lot of applications for your money. Plus the product is alcohol based so you're not going to get the same issues of bacteria build up (according to Emily).

First Time Purchasers
It is SeneGence's policy to have you purchase a kit of one lip color, Oops! (their touch up remover), and Gloss if it is your first time purchasing. That's really everything you need to get started. That entire package will cost around $45. It's hefty, but it's worth it, particularly if you purchase a dark color.

I love that this is NOT a lip stain! That means you can remove it whenever you want. It takes a little practice but if you do want color that lasts, this is worth it! Best thing about it, is you can approximate other colors or change colors by layering coats of color if you own more than one. . I now own Oops!, Glossy Top Coat, and LipSense in Sugar Plum. I have every intention of purchasing more colors. I'm currently thinking about getting Strawberry Shortcake, Bonita and maybe Blu-Red or Cranberry. I really want to try this as a long wearing red!

Want To See Something Cool?

Face of the Day - )5/08/11
Note: SeneGence does NOT guarantee durability if you use a gloss by another brand.
That's LipSense Roseberry topped with Sugar Plum after 6 hours of wear. Only addition was a slight perk up with Inglot AMC Gloss in 544. The color really lasts! (see note in caption above).

Bottom Line
I suggest getting in touch with a SeneGence rep if you are interested. Brides, prom attendees, and those of us who don't want to refresh after our morning cup of tea will want to have a look. The price, in the long run, IS cheaper than Chanel.

You can purchase LipSense through a SeneGence Rep, or just use mine: Emily's Website - A Look That Lasts.

I received a discount for my first purchase of LipSense at the discretion of rep Emily Rooney. I was also provided samples that, sadly, dried in the mail. I do not sell SeneGence products nor am I affiliated with the company in any way.

Edited: So very sorry for misspelling "SeneGence"! Big oops! on my part.