Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Review: Zoya Summertime Collection

Zoya Summertime

You know cream polishes just don't get me as excited as foil polishes, however THIS collection has something Sunshine did not: Sssooooooooki!

Which makes me think of...

 (as I stop drooling over Eric)

Yes, yes... I realize Ms. Stackhouse is "Sookie" not "Sooki" but really can't I just have one True Blood joke here? Yes, I wish this collection HAD been a True Blood collection but we can't have what we want all the time. Incidentally, I would have loved "Sookie" to be paired with "Tara", "Arlene", "Claudine", "Lorena", and "Lafayette"... or something like that.

But all that is for dreams and wishing. Back to the real collection!

Application For all Colors
All colors were applied over Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator and topped with Seche Vite.

I had exceptional wear with these. The first one I tried (Areej) wore on me for four days without huge chips - a major accomplishment for me.

And the Ladies...


Zoya Areej

Zoya Areej

This lovely cream magenta was so pretty I let her stay on my fingers for a lot longer than I usually do. There's not a lot to this color - but most creams I've seen like this tend to lean too red or too pink for my taste. This one is a more unusual purple-magenta.


Zoya Breezi

Zoya Breezi

This blue reminds me of a brighter version of MAC Blue India. The color  is a medium blue cream with maybe just a touch of "slate" "gray" tone to it. It's both bright and murky... which I'm not entirely sure HOW that's achieved, but Breezi is it. Very beautiful.


Zoya Kieko

Zoya Kieko

Keiko is a more purple magenta than Areej. She's quite an unusual looking shade. I must admit this one really grew on me as I wore her. But she's still so close to her other sister, this just felt like a variation on a theme.


Zoya Mira
Forgot the Macro Lens... sorry.

Zoya Mira
Indoor with flash, closer to actual color.

Purple with just a touch of the magenta of her sisters Keiko and Areej. But I actually wore her twice, unlike the rest of the collection so far. So that should count for something.


Zoya Sooki

Zoya Sooki

This is the brightest summer candy cherry red! I love this color so much! I am very glad that this polish lived up to the love I have or Ms. Sookie Stackhouse. I wanted this color so much. It's so sweet I just wanted to continuously lick my fingers. Perfect candy red.


Zoya Tamsen

Zoya Tamsen

If I hadn't swatched Sooki on my left hand and Tamsen on the right, from my pictures I would never know there's a difference. But there is, though it is slight. Tamsen is Sooki with a touch of brown.  Why Zoya??? I really probably could have appreciated Tamsen in a different collection but when it is SO CLOSE in color to Sooki it just pales in comparison.Yes, it might look better on some complexions than Sooki but it's just so close...

Bottom Line
Depending on your taste I would recommend any one of these creams. But you don't need Tamsen AND Sooki. Out of the two I'd suggest Sooki.

My favorites will probably end up being Sooki, Mira, Keiko... maybe Breezi.

You can purchase Zoya Nail Polish from their Wesbite for $8 a bottle. But keep an eye out for deals. They often have them.

I don't think I need a disclosure on this post... I purchased these ladies myself.