Friday, May 27, 2011

Shabby Apple Caterpillar Bracelet

So look what hopped out of my mail box the other day...

Shabby Apple - Caterpillar Bracelet
Shabby Apple Caterpiller Bracelet - $35

I got an email not too long ago. Shabby Apple wanted to send their affiliates a little accessory: The Caterpillar Bracelet. I've had my eye on some of their accessories for a while (I'm obsessed with the Through The Looking Glass necklace but will NOT pay $68 for it), so this was a a wonderful surprise. I received the silver plated with pink and purple beads, which I think is quite lovely.

Shabby Apple - Catapiller BraceletThe lobster claw clasp on The Caterpillar is both decorative and adjustable. It's tricky to put this bracelet on by myself without twisting it. But even twisted, Caterpillar still looks pretty cool. I do think this bracelet is rather on the large size. The smallest size is still quite loose. But then again, this is meant to be a more relaxed style of accessory, I think.

The only thing I don't like about this bracelet is that it makes a bit of noise and clanks on things. But that's sort of to be expected with this type of design.

Bottom Line
I didn't have to pay for this, but I like the bracelet well enough to purchase it for it's price.  (That means that I think it's a little bit nicer quality than those other accessory sites I frequent where I pay $30 per piece if you're reading between the lines).

Pretty in Dayton is a Shabby Apple affiliate site. Theoretically, if you click through from my site to Shabby Apple Styrch will get a kick back on your purchase. But since no one has done this yet, it remains to be seen. In any case, Shabby Apple sent this bracelet for consideration.