Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sister Post: Blushes You Can't Have - MAC Gel Blush in "Just a Pinch"

MAC Gel Blush in Just a Pinch

Mac Gel Blush - Just a Pinch

I don't know why the idea of a blush that comes in a pot, that is nearly liquid (gelatinous) appeals to me but it does. So when MAC introduced "Just a Pinch" with A Rose Romance in 2009I got excited, hoping that it would be the start of a line of new products. Sadly, that was not to be. It was just a gimmick for that collection. Thankfully, it is a gimmick I have not regretted forking over cash for in the slightest.

Mac Gel Blush - Just a Pinch

If you look at the product in the pot you can sort of see why people would be turned off... maybe it's the germaphobes out there who don't like the idea of sticking their fingers in pots of stuff that stopped this from catching on. But really, this was a great idea! You just dot the product along your cheek bones, blend it in with your finger tips. You can use it as a base for other blushes or wear it on it's own. Or you can even just dust powder over it to tone it down if you want to. Regardless, it remains one of the best "natural" rosy blushes I have if I use it just right.

Mac Gel Blush - Just a Pinch

See how gorgeous that color can be? It really looks nice and creamy on the skin, if you're going for that dewy cheek look. I love it and will treasure it as long as it remains usable.

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