Monday, May 23, 2011

Sugarpill Loose Eye Shadows: Magpie, Goldilux, and Weekender

You've seen me wear all three of these colors in looks of the day already, but I figured some of you out there might want Sugarpill Swatches:

Sugarpill Loose Shadows - Magpie, Goldilux, Weekender
Magpie, Goldilux, and Weekender

Wow, can I just say that? I was not expecting to like these as much as I did. But... wow! Yes, there's fallout from the loose shadows (these are all over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy), but that comes with the territory. But the pigmentation... seriously awesome.
Face of the Day - )5/08/11
Eye look with Weekender
  • Magpie - This was the first color I was drawn to. It reminded me of Fyrinnae's Biker Chic but more blue ad less glitter. This is a metallic deep denim blue, almost blackened blue. I love it. There's a slight touch of green in it too. Very complex.
  • Goldilux - To me, this color is just a star of the Sugarpill collection. There are so many uses for it. It's a very yellow gold. I tried it wet once in Vegas and it foils very well. It's a good standard gold to have. You can use it as an accent or a lid color.
  • Weekender - Lovely shade of metallic purple. I just had to have this one.
Face of the Day - 4/22/11
Eye look with Goldilux
I recommend using these over a sticky base and/or wet.You really can control them if you pat them on the eye. And as you can see from some of my pictures you can sheer the color out if you really want to. Don't swish these shadows or you might increase fallout. Blend with another color.

Face of the Night - -04/20/11
Look with Magpie and Golidlux
At $12 for 5 grams I consider these a steal. They rival MAC in terms of texture and beat MAC in some ways as well. Certainly that is true in pigmentation. You can't go wrong for the price and the amount you get. Plus, $5 flat rate shipping... awesome if you are buying up quite a bit.

Bottom Line
Try some out. I definitely recommend these three. I plan on getting more. Weekender is my favorite right now, but Magpie could become my favorite if I can ever learn how to apply it.