Wednesday, June 29, 2011

ChaLEANExtreme For the Second Time? I have TIPS!!!

I'm finishing up my second round of ChaLEAN Extreme, so I thought I'd put together some thoughts around what I wish I had done more of my second time through. Have a look!

Don't want to watch? No problem. Here's the MOST IMPORTANT Stuff:
  • You will probably have a tendency to rush because you KNOW the workouts. 
  • Mix it up: Don't always start on the same side as Chalene. If you find you're doing worse on your left than your right all the time, switch. You might just be getting tired. 
  • Mix the Days Up: Don't always do Burn Circuit 1 on Monday. Try doing Burn Circuit 2 on Monday instead.
Have you seen my results from ChaLEAN Extreme the first time around? If not, check out my review of ChaLEAN Extreme.

If you are interested in this workout, please feel free to contact me. I'll tell you more about it.
You can order ChaLEAN Extreme through me.