Friday, June 17, 2011

Coveted Item of the Week: Sparkly Shoes! Nine West Arm Candy, specifically

Ever since Ms. Amber Katz wrote about her Louboutomy I've been drooling over sequin pumps or some type of glitter goodness to bling out my toes! Nine West decided to hit me in my weak spot this week...

Nine West Arm Candy in Fuschia
Coveted Item of the Week - Nine West Arm Candy - $89.00

The sparkle version of these shoes comes in both a Pink Satin option and a silver. There is a black version but I'm not too keen on it because it doesn't look like you're walking on fireworks!

This shoe has a 1 inch platform and boasts a 5 inch heel, which means that it falls into my "Danger Zone" in terms of heels. I do well with 3.5 and then 4 inches gets a little dicey. In fact, I have many 4 inchers from Nine West that sit in my closet unworn, or worn once. So would these have the same fate as their Nine West sisters?

Nine West Arm Candy in Silver Synthetic
Will I Get A Pair?
If they come down in price I will absolutely pounce on the Pink Satin or the silver. I think I would get far more wear out of the silver than any other color, however. In the mean time, I'll be dreaming of Ms. Amber's boast-worthy pair... you know that's what I REALLY covet!

On The Name Of the Shoe
Of course, I have one remaining question however - why would you name a shoe "arm candy"? I realize it's probably in reference to decking one-self out such that you decorate the arm of your significant other (and sometimes it's fun to be that), but these are for your feet! Seems a bit funny. Well, they can name it what they want I guess. It's their shoe! :)

The Images are from Nine West's Website. I am happy to remove them if they need me to do so.