Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Green Leaf by Shabby Apple - Why the High Prices?

On June 6th, fans of Shabby Apple were treated to a look at the new Green Leaf collection. While the collection was met with the usual oohs and ahhs, it was also followed by objections... to the price. The retro-chic (and relatively cheap) brand was offering these new frocks for upwards of around $200, at least twice the price of their normal lines.

Creme Noeud Black Shift - $225
Fans on Shabby Apple's Facebook page , including myself, were so flummoxed that Shabby Apple wrote a note on Facebook specifically talking about Green Leaf, explain the line and it's extra cost for those of us not in the know. You can read this, but I'll summarize some of the details as I understand them.

Boutone de Rose #35 Dress - $265
About Green Leaf
  •  Shabby Apple wanted to create a line of conservative and fun cocktail dresses for special occasions.
  • The fabrics used for this line were more luxurious than their usual cotton, linen, or blends which accounts for part of the price hike.
  • In addition, these dresses are hand made in the USA.
  • Each dress is custom made. 
  • As always, a portion of the sale is donated. 
What Fans Nit Pick On
We all know custom made, hand made, and certain fabrics come with a price.  But some fans still raised objections regarding lack of lining, puckering seen in the pictures. Shabby Apple came back, again siting the hand made stitching and that some of their fabrics used (like crepe du chine silk) can't be lined. They further added that the puckers are part of the design. In others, fans - suck it up and pay the price! Shabby Apple thinks you'll be happy with the product.

Eclat - $238
What Are My Thoughts?
I can appreciate a custom hand made dress! And I understand designers/labels having a cheaper brand and a more expensive brand. I think it's usually easier to go from expensive to a less expensive version so I'm not surprised Shabby Apple got a bit of a "Yikes" from their fans. But in terms of whether or not I would personally purchase from Green Leaf, I can say I'll admire it from a distance. If I'm going to pay more than $200 for a dress right now, there are other dresses that I would choose before choosing a Shabby Apple dress. However, that might just be my dress-priority there. While these dresses are quite beautiful, none of them seem special enough for me to own. When I spend that type of cash I really want it to be SPECIAL in some way. I still have other dresses from their regular line that I want before I would pick up something from the Green Leaf line.

By the way, my favorite is the Eclat dress (pictured left). I do think the entire collection is worth browsing, particularly for the styling alone. It's deliciously glamorous, and reminds me of The Great Gatsby or some such time period.  The mix of relaxed dropped waists and tailored chic is adorable. But  wish the accessories came with it, or that there were pictures of these dresses without styling. I would want to see the blank canvas before purchasing. I'm not convinced these dresses would pack quite as much of a punch if I couldn't also rock the retro hair, the super cute hats, the little sash waists. And... I'm not sure these look particularly boob friendly. But I guess that remains to be seen. Purchasers? I want to see your pictures!!!

Question For My Shabby Apple Fan Readers
What do you think of Green Leaf? Are you thinking about buying one of their custom lovelies? Or are you thinking of saving your money for something else? Is the higher price justified? Please let me know in comments below!

Images were used with the consent of Shabby Apple. Pretty in Dayton is a Shabby Apple Affiliate (which makes it seem a little silly that I'm writing this post questioning their latest line - but I'm being honest).