Thursday, June 2, 2011

JewelMint, Send the Trend, and Sole Society - My Picks for This Month

I figured as long as I was browsing my monthly shoe/accessories sites, I'd tell you what I had my eyes on.

JewelMint Windsor Set
JewelMint - Windsor Set

To be honest, I don't really care for the earrings here, but I ADORE the bracelet! It totally captures my imagination, the clear crystal in the intricate setting. I love it. I do have a weakness for lockets, but right now the idea of opening and closing them on my ears don't appeal. So do I want to spend an entire credit on this bracelet? I don't know. But I love it enough to do so.

Send The Trend Bailey Black Onyx Hoops
Send The Trend - Bailey Black Onyx Hoops

You've seen me wearing my Becki hoops from Send the Trend a lot in my faces of the day, so when I saw these Bailey hoopes (which are very similar) I immediately thought of purchasing them. Why? I can't find my Becki hoops! If I can find my Becki's I won't need these... but in the mean time, I was wearing my Beckis so much I sort of feel like I need these.

Send The Trend - Talikha Cuff
Send The Trend - Talikha Amber Eternity Cuff

I don't usually go for bracelets like this, but this seems likes such a carefree effortless piece it instantly caught my eye when the Customer Service Representative for Send the Trend (Jazz... she's so awesome) pointed it out. Can't you imagine wearing it dangling on your arm in a sundress (colorful or not)? I was a little nervous about it because it is stretch and it is rather large and chunky, but Jazz told me it wouldn't feel at all like my previous stretch chunky bracelet that I purchased from Send the Trend. So I may give this a shot. But it looks more like something I'd get for some friends rather than myself. Nothing wrong with that!

Sole Society - Mariah Cross Over Pump
My husband will KILL me if I purchase another pair of shoes. He just doesn't understand the need for shoes and how shoes really do make your outfit. I've been wanting a loud pair of pink shoes for a while and these may fit the bill! They also come in Lime (Hi MOM!!!), and Black. Any of the colors would be awesome to have and with the platform these will be much more manageable. I've been really digging my pumps lately and this summer I want to rock the open toes!

Still not sure what I'll purchase if anything.  Are you thinking of picking anything up?

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