Thursday, June 9, 2011

Let's Talk Snaks!

Yesterday during my Quest for My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report I brought up snacking as one of my most difficult areas at the moment. It was suggested by the lovely Jackie S that I make a list of my snacking tendencies, and I could use this blog as a forum for all of us to get suggestions and alternatives for snacks. I thought it was a fabulous idea!

Snacks I Gravitate Toward
  • Fancy Chocolate Bars - My work has them, the grocery store has them. I used to buy them and eat them one row a day (one serving). But it's getting harder to limit myself.
  • Crackers - if I'm just hungry at night and need SOMETHING I try to grab a cracker or two. Those little table wafers are usually what I lean to because I buy them for parties and they get left over inevitably.
  • Popcorn - At work it's Smartfoods White Cheddar, at home it's Pop Secret. Most of the time at home I have this when my husband grabs for it. Rarely do I initiate popcorn consumption. The odd thing - my husband is allergic to corn.
  • Fried and Salted Green Beans - I get these from Dorothy Lane Market. They sell a similar thing at Trader Joe's. I will DEVOUR these by the container. Each container is about 400 calories.
  • Ice Cream - Whether it's Skinny Cow or Gelato, I love it. Sometimes my spoon finds it's way into a pint just to a have a couple of bites...
  • Nutella - This has been a recent obsession. A spoonful or two (or more). Love the stuff.
  • Shakeology - Occasionally, I will have a second shake, or half a shake as a snack to hold myself off. This is usually a great solution.
  • Tortilla Chips and Dip - Again, something my husband brings in. But I'm helpless against the call of spinach dip and salty chips.
  • Sweet Potato Fries - I make these fresh, baked. The only thing stopping me from doing this more often is that it takes 1/2 hour to prepare. And that can be super annoying. But what a treat!
  • Almonds - I love raw almonds. If I have them, I eat them.
  • Wine, Whiskey and Whipped Cream Flavored Vodka - This can lead to more snacking but I love my three Ws!
Things I have Ditched
For a long while I was OBSESSED with Fiber One Toaster Pastries and bars. They are good, but up until a point. There are a lot of carbohydrates in there and they are a processed food. They are great for cleaning out your pipes, but not great for clean eating.

So what are some of your favorite snacks? What are some of your suggestions for healthy (and tasty) snacks? Do you  try to eat clean when snacking? Let it all go below!