Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Quest for My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

Several good things happened this week related to weight loss. I had another great game of softball (for me). I caught another person out by catching another pop up, and I made it on base running because I accidentally bunted while swinging (it counted). So that's awesome for me! Yay me!

The better item was that on my trip up to Michigan this past weekend my awesome mom arranged for me to meet with her trainer. This is someone who I trained with about a decade ago. He assessed me and said that I was in much better shape than I was when I trained with him last (a long while ago), and that I had good muscle tone and was one of his stronger women that he trains. He also gave me a lot of advice which I'll talk about after my weigh in:

Weight:157.2 (-0.6 lbs)

It is what it is. I don't think going out for margaritas post game on Tuesdays is helping. Plus I had a wonderful weekend in Ann Arbor full of food and drink! It sure is fun! Anyway...

Tips From My Trainer And Stuff He Said
  • I'm at the point in my fitness where I need to make micro adjustments in order to do better.
  • He wants me to commit to at least two days a week of CLEAN eating. I've managed one so far this week.
  • I am to focus on my snacking and come up with some better snacks.
  • He says it's best to replace the not-so-good things with healthier things because then you're not getting rid of something, you're just making a change. 
  • He thinks I have a bit of a psychological problem with my weight loss.
The Biggest Piece of Weight Loss Advice
My trainer wants me to change my goal. He thinks if I change the goal, I'll lose the weight. I am so close to my goal it's getting hard, if that makes any sense. The goal he would like me to aim for is 135 lbs. That's 15 lbs lighter than my original goal. If I recommit to something new, he thinks it'll help my loss quite a lot. As he's put it, I've already committed once and lost a ton. Now that I'm so close, that commitment is waning whether I intend it to or not.

So I ask you my loyal readers: What do you think of my trainer's advice? Should I change my goal? I'm sort of leaning toward YES!!!