Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Quest For My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

I really need to stop eating fajitas and drinking margaritas before weigh-in day. It's a bit like a sickness, self-sabotage. But when my husband wants to share fried ice-cream I have a very hard time saying no.

Weight: 157.4 lbs (-3.0 from last weigh in, + 3.4 lbs from end of Shakeology Cleanse)

I was pretty sure I wouldn't keep my weight post-Shakeology Cleanse because my eating wasn't quite as clean as I wanted it to be. Plus I was just SO HUNGRY this time! I definitely have hit the "Feed me all the time!" part of ChaLEAN Extreme, and that is getting in my way a bit. But I can't lose weight and build muscle without feeding the muscles. I just need to feed them the right food. I will say that the cleanse did help me with some of my cravings. I have not purchased the "bad stuff" that was getting in my way earlier (Gelato, Nutella, etc).

Ok, priority now is to work sodium our of my diet, and continue to try to eat clean meals. Sometimes, that is the hardest thing.

What are some if your favorite "clean" meals and snacks?