Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Quest For My Pretty - Weekly Weight WTF??? Report

I have been feeling (and looking) like I'm gaining weight again and I don't like that. My diet this week was really good... until my mother-in-law left a lovely box of chocolates on the table. Can't resist chocolate. I know she has the best of intentions but it's frustrating. It was good to have her visit. She doesn't need to also leave chocolate, you know?

On the other hand, my exercise was really good this week. But I just don't think it helped me in regard to the scale. But I KNOW I am building muscle! Let's see...

Weight:160.4 (+ 3.2lbs)

How the FRAK did that happen??? I really hope most of that is water and muscle. I'm freaking out a bit here.

I can hear you now saying "Take your measurements!!!"

But there is hope...

Today is DAY 1 of my Shakeology Cleanse. Hopefully the next three days will get be back on track, in the right frame of mind for losing. It's always done the trick before!

If my internet connection is stable (that's questionable right now) I will be uploading daily recaps of the Shakeology Cleanse for those of us in on it. Congratulations to Lisa and Jenny who are finishing up today! Not sure what I'm talking about? Check out the conversation on Facebook!