Wednesday, June 22, 2011

SeneGence LipSense Swatches! And a Few Other Things...

The lovely Emily Rooney who will be at The Melting Pot Dayton Thursday June 30thfor the Girls Night Out let me photograph her stock. We've been meaning to get together and do a swatching party for a good long while now and something always got in the way. But finally, the stars aligned and we were able to meet up. Therefore I am able to bring you tons of swatches!

LipSense - The Yellow-Based Colors

SeneGence LipSense - Warm colors
Top Row: Peaches & Cream, Beige Champagne, Spice Ice, Cappuccino, Apple Cider, Light Bronze, Moca
Middle Row: Coral Ice, Burnt Orange, Persimmon, Summer Sunset, Red Cherry, Brick, C. Coral
Bottom Row: Nutmeg, Cocoa, Nude

SeneGence LipSense - Yellow Based Colors
Top Row: Peaches & Cream, Beige Champagne, Spice Ice, Cappuccino
Middle Row: Coral Ice, Burnt Orange, Persimmon, Summer Sunset
Bottom Row: Nutmeg, Cocoa, Nude
SeneGence LipSense - Yellow Based Colors
Top Row: Apple Cider, Light Bronze, Moca
Bottom Row: Red Cherry, Brick, C. Coral

Out of these colors I think the ones that appeal to me the most are Spice Ice and Summer Sunset. I think the lighter colors could be very interesting for layering over some of the other colors, particularly Cappuccino. I think that would be a good one to have along with other colors.Nutmeg also appeals to me simply because of the duochrome nature it has.

LipSense - The Blue Based Colors

SeneGence LipSense - Blue Based Colors
Top Row: Cranberry, Blu-red, Crimson Red, Plumeria, Fire & Ice, Roseberry
Bottom Row:  Kiss me Katie,  Rose Ice, Pink Ice, Pink Shimmer, Praline Rose
Bottom Row: Current, Sheer Berry, Dusty Rose
SeneGense LipSense - Cool colors
Top Row: Roseberry, Sheer Pink, Pink Champagne
Bottom Row: Praline Rose , Raisin, Plum
SeneGense LipSense - Cool colors
The Christina Aguilera Colors: Cranberry, Blu-Red, Crimson Red

Most of my favorite colors come from this bunch. Fire & Ice walked home with me. You've seen Sugar Plum in previous faces of the day from me before as well. My additional favorites are Plumeria, Roseberry, maybe Sheer Pink, and of course Blu-Red. I thought I'd like Cranberry over Blu-Red (like Emily) but it was too "berry" for me. If you want something that is straight up Pin-Up Red, Blu-Red is a MUST HAVE! No wonder Christina likes it.

Random LipSense Swatches - Discontinued or Limited or Left Out of Original Swatch Shots

SeneGense LipSense - Cool colors
Bonita and Summer Love

Both Bonita and Summer Love have been discontinued. I had high hopes for Bonita. It looked like it would be gorgeous in the sample that Emily sent me. But it is SERIOUS ORANGE!!! There's a sheen on it that I could not capture on camera which is stunning, however. I have no doubt some of you ladies out there would be brave enough to rock it!

SeneGense - Random Colors
Top Row: Cotton Candy, Caramel Apple, Strawberry Shortcake
Middle Row: Creme de la Creme, Mauve Ice, Salmon
Bottom Row: Pearl Gloss, Gold Gloss, Diamond Pearl Gloss

Cotton Candy, Caramel Apple and Strawberry Shortcake are in the Spring collection. At this time they are limited edition, but Emily said Caramel Apple sold out so fast (they restocked it, don't worry) that she'd be shocked if they didn't make it permanent. I was tempted to scoop it up, but Strawberry Shortcake was calling me and I had a limited budget.

The Middle Row are colors that Emily did not have when I first started swatching. So I just sort of added them in. Creme de La Creme and Salmon belong to the Yellow Based family, while Mauve Ice is one of the loveliest of the Blue Based family. Another on my list.

The Bottom Row are gloss finishes offered besides sheer. You are required to get one gloss with purchase of your first LipSense color so it's nice to know there are other options if totally clear Glossy doesn't cut it for you.

SeneGense - Random Colors
Natural Rose, Natural Salmon

LipSense Naturals  come in four colors and I to try two of them. Unlike the other LipSense colors, these do not tingle on application and the come off in hot water. They are long lasting, however. If you're sensitive you may want to give these a try. But I thought it was funny that Natural Rose didn't look rosy at all.

I was shocked to discover that SeneGense also carries a line of cream to powder shadows:

SeneGence - ShadowSense Eye Shadow
Moca Java, Silver Violet, Pink Frost, Copper
I was even more shocked to discover that these colors are so pigmented! While I did not get a chance to try these on I can say that their pigmentation alone makes them worth a look... particularly that Copper one! There are a bunch of other colors in the catalog, but Emily did not have them out for me to swatch.

A Word on Layering
For those of you thinking about stopping by The Melting Pot Dayton on June 30th, I encourage you to take the time to  speak with Emily about color layering. Given the palette she has to work with she can try to match just about any lip shade you have. Take a look at Emily's current favorite combo:

SeneGense LipSense - Emily's Current Favorite Combo
On Emily: One Layer of Sparkling Bordeaux topped with Kiss Me Katie
Although Sparkling Bordeaux has been discontinued, Emily thinks that this beautiful combo may be achieved with Raisin in it's place.

There are quite a lot of colors here to choose from. While most of them are "safe" colors, many of the colors do have interesting shimmer and finishes. I absolutely encourage you to check out colors like Blu-Red, since you will get 4 to 14 hours of wear from these colors without reapplication.

LipSense products sell for $22 a color, or $45 for your initial set (includes 1 color, 1 gloss and 1 tube of Ooops! to clean up mistakes).
In case you aren't sure what I'm talking about when I mention "LipSense" please read my review.

Product pictured above was provided for swatching in the company of  Emily Rooney. I was not compensated for this post. I do not sell SeneGence products nor am I affiliated with the company in any way.