Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wow! Send the Trend is Stepping Up their Game for July!

Did you happen to see the little treats and beauties that are available on Send the Trend for July? I just got on and I have to say I am wowed! I love Send the Trend, but this is a different level of fun that I haven't seen from them yet.

Exhibit A: Webster Lilac Snake Ring

Hands down this is my favorite item that I see right now on their site. I am obsessed with cocktail rings right now. This looks like something I'd see on my usual shopping sites for twice the price. This baby is walking home with me!

Exhibit B: The Tracie Veil Fascinator
I have been wondering if Send the Trend was going to jump on Fascinators and they have! I'm excited to see this, mostly because I hope it promises more to come. Granted, this is little more than a decorated headband (and fascinators can be much more than that) but Tracie would be elegant for a night out, or even if you need to be elegant fro somber occasions.

Exhibit C: The Evelyn Fleur Amethyst Ring

Holy crapola is that one crazy ring! But I can see that blinging out some some fun fancy fingers for the summer. Can you imagine coordinating that with a polish? What would you pair it with? I'm so curious! The possibilities seem endless to me.

This is a Send the Trend acceptance link - I hope it works for multiple people. But I would be honored if you joined through me. 

Anyway, see what I mean? I love most of my Send the Trend pieces and wear them often, but this just seems like such a different level of glam and fun. I can't wait to see what's ahead! I hope the game is stepped up for good!