Friday, July 22, 2011

Coveted Item of the Week: Fall Shoes Pour La Victoire Style, Particularly Irina

Monday I received a noticed from Pour La Victoire that they have started getting fall shoes online. So I had to take a look...

Coveted Item of the Week: Pour La Victoire Irina Shoes in Red Patent - $255

You have to admit that when you take a look at a sole that is totally checkered your heart takes a leap. If it doesn't then you must be made of stone! These shoes are the perfect mix of totally conservative with a hint of whimsical naughtiness. You can't tell me you don't want to put on a pair of these and strut around in a cute skirt! I do! And if I do, then I can't be the only one. Because usually... (and this is a secret mind you) I'm not a fan of wearing dresses and skirts. I'm such a jeans girl!

I'm dying over these Irina Shoes in Red Patent. While the do also come in Black Patent, Carmel Patent, and White Patent... I think I just have to go with the Red Patent. I could make a case for the white or black, however.

Of course I also think of Irina Derevko, my favorite Alias character. Could she rock these? Of course she could. She's Lena Olin! She can rock whatever she wants and I'll be happy to watch her rock it.

Will I Get Them?
Sadly probably not. I don't think these shoes are in my budget at the moment. Hopefully I'll get lucky and I'll be able to find them on sale off-season. But I sort of doubt it. Something this special doesn't stay around long enough to go on sale.

All Images are from Pour La Victoire.