Saturday, July 2, 2011

Get Fit With Me! Let Me Send You A Free DVD To Get You Started...

Hi everyone! I have two offers for you today that are coming from ME, and no one else. I want to continue my weight loss and fitness journey and I'd like to take you along with me this time. So I am giving you a couple of options:

Shakeology Home Direct
I was thinking about it, and some of us have done the Shakeology Cleanse together and you know I drink this every day as the backbone of my diet.  For the Month of July, if you order Shakeology on Home Direct (autoship) from me, I will send you your choice of the either the Tony Horton One-on-One DVDs or Chalene's Greatist HIITs DVD Free, to get you started or to continue on your fitness journey as a thank you.
Brazil Butt Lift Offer
Additionally, I ordered for myself Brazil Butt Lift today.  I hope to get a group of us to do the Butt Lift together. We'll set the same schedule (hopefully) and go through the entire training and see if our Bum Bums get nice and shapely in time for fall. I needed a break from Chalene before going back to Turbo Fire and I've hared that this workout is NOT to be underestimated! After all, how could something that Victoria's Secret Super Models swear by be wrong? 

If you order Brazil Butt Lift from me I will send you an additional DVD (your choice of the above mentioned Tony Horton or Chalene Johnson DVDs).

And yes, if you do both (order Shakeology HD, and Brazil Butt Lift) I will send you two DVDs. :)

This offer is good through July 9th. I may make you another offer after that, but who knows. We'll find out!

Styrch is an Independant BeachBody coach.