Friday, July 8, 2011

Giveaway Winner! The Winner of the Althea Harper Sittella Scarf is...

Laura @ Sawan-Heaven!!!

Laura was lucky number 12 of 42, the number that spit out for me. Laura, you win this:

Althea Harper Sittella Scarf

Please send me your address and I can get it mailed to you.

So this time around, we had the lucky number 42 for the number of entries into this contest (at least from what I can find... and I was checking ALL THE TIME). It's really hard going back and forth between Twitter, my blog,  Althea Haper's Facebook page, my Facebook page and to a spreadsheet but it paid off because I'm super excited for this giveaway!

Please remember that ANYONE can get their own Sittella Scarf from Althea Harper with a 15% discount through the end of JULY using code: BLOGREADER. These scarves are SO worth it!