Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Look of the Night: The Seven Year Itch

This look of the night would not be possible without the generosity of the lovely Lianne Farbes (the Makeup Girl) from who I won MAC Hocus Pocus.

Face of the Night - July 22, 2011

Best of all, it's my first MAC color that has the word "Sample" on the back. Only a makeup geek like me would find that cool.
Face of the Night - July 22, 2011

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder
  • MAC Eye Shadow in Hocus Pocus
  • MAC Pigment in Vanilla
  • Inglot AMC Pigment in 65
  • MAC Plushlash Mascara in Plushblack
  • Mary Kay Timewise Foundation in Ivory 6
  • MAC Powder in Truth & Light
  • MAC beauty Powder Blush in Secret Blush
Face of the Night - July 22, 2011
  • MAC Cremesticks Liner in Pink Treat
  • OCC Cosmetics Lip Tar in Momento - Seriously loving this will be writing something up about Lip Tars soon.

The Anniversary
This past weekend my husband and I celebrated our 7th year anniversary. While we were married on July 23rd, we actually celebrated this year on July 22. Why? My mom and my aunt were coming down to visit from Ann Arbor. We were going to see the Reds play on Saturday, and somehow we wanted to squeeze in a super romantic foodie dinner at Boca Saturday evening. We couldn't go Friday because my husband was expecting to be back late, and the idea of driving down to Cincinnati on Sunday didn't appeal to us. Then a stroke of luck - one of my husband's meetings got canceled and Boca was able to take us Friday evening. So I threw this together really fast.

Outfit of the Night - July 22, 2011

I also threw on a dress my husband purchased for me several years ago in the Juniors department from Macy's that I've never been able to fit into. Also, Mr. Styrch requested I wear my glasses because I have this horrible history of getting cornea abrasions from bad contact lenses on our anniversary when we eat at Boca (it happened once).