Thursday, July 7, 2011

My New Althea Harper Boardwalk Dress!

I've had a little fascination with Althea Harper's Boardwalk Dress from her Sittella line since I had a dream about it about a year ago that I was wearing it in the rain standing outside of a bar. Strange dream, but I knew I had to have this dress.

I had one hesitation: the low neckline. I asked Althea and Ashlie about this dress, and discussed my lack of "perky boobs"  and that I needed something where I could wear a bra. They said they'd cut it so it wasn't as low, and make the straps a little thicker to support my... needs. So YES, Althea is willing to work with you!

What I Love About The Boardwalk Dress
  • It is EXTREMELY comfortable - The material that this is made from
  • The design is forgivable for imperfect bodies - At the very least, it's not gonna hurt you too much.
  • It's like a DKNY Cozy - You can tie it up, clip it back, whatever... and have a whole different dress!
  • It's machine washable - Best news ever, right?
  • No two are exactly alike - Due to the nature of the dye job, your dress isn't going to be the same as anyone else's dress. 

Pulled together in the back to make it tight.
    After quickly tying up the back (see below)
     What I Don't Like About the Boardwalk Dress

    The skirt is seriously heavy! If I were purchasing it in a store I'd think it was a miss-match between the type of fabric and the design or even a design flaw.  Here's why: The dress is meant to be low cut (Althea intends the v-neck to drop just below the chest) but with the weight of this skirt and the stretchiness of the fabric/straps the v comes down almost to my belly button. No kidding! That's lower than how it looks on the model on her site. I asked to be able to wear a bra with this, and Althea said she'd cut the v higher and make the straps a bit thicker. I'm glad she did because I'd be a little nervous to try the dress sans-modifications. In the end, I have to tie the straps up to make sure this dress doesn't go too low.

    Also can cling to your bra (as you can see from my pictures). So, you might want to try something else underneath. I may try a cami next time.

    Regardless of it's flaws, it's still so comfortable I love wearing it! 

    If you don't mind fighting a bit with your dress to make it perfect, then it's SO COMFORTABLE and perfect for summer. But you might want to ask Althea to make the straps shorter or thicker if you're worried about the low neckline.

    The Sittella Boardwalk Dress is purchasable from for $125. As a Pretty in Dayton Reader you can get 15% off Sittella clothing using code BLOGREADER through July 31.

    Incidentally, I plan on picking up either the Mar Vista Dress or the Waves Mini dress before this code expires!

    Images provided by Kara Lock Van Roekel.