Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Review: Send The Trend's New My Style Room!

Screen capture of my current "My Style" Room
I first learned about Send The Trend's new My Style room directly from Divya Gugnani (co-founder of Send The Trend). She told me as a good customer she wanted to share this room with her. She also wanted me to have a look at this Techcrunch article on the new feature. The result was that Divya and I got into a discussion over email about things I'd love to see on Send the Trend - low and behold the next morning I had access to My Style. Oh the power of Twitter and Social Media! Naturally, I wanted to share my experience with you.

What is My Style?
The My Style room is a place where you the Send the Trend shopper can gather the items that YOU like and share them with your friends (similar to Polyvore but not quite as sophisticated yet). You are able to provide a picture of yourself, load the room with your own selections, and BE the curator of your own accessories collection. The idea itself is something I've wanted for a good long while now, especially as a way to keep track of my own purchases!

My Experience with My Style
As I went through the My Style set up, I took notes to share with Divya on my wishes as a user. I'll spare you the "bugs" and issues I found as a user experience specialist (yes, I was "showing my inner geek" a bit too much) but here are my hopes for My Style as it continues to grow:
  • Default items in the room COULD be the items we as the consumer have purchased.
  • It would be nice to move items around, pair items we wear often together, and basically customize the display (currently it appears to populate by random).
  • When sharing on Facebook and Twitter, I really wanted to attach a picture of my My Style room for people to see! Right now it just defaults to the STT logo.
  • As I get my friends (and readers hopefully) involved in the My Style portion of the site, I want to see not just the "top stylists" but also ones that I personally have chosen to follow. 
  • I absolutely want to upload more pictures of myself wearing more pieces! Seriously, seeing items worn is the best way for me to tell if I want to purchase something so why not allow it?
  • So many of the things I like are now "Sold out" - that can be a bit of a negative thing for a fellow follower to see. Might be nice to have a Past Items area as well as a current items area.
The ability to "Add to My Style" is easy - the function is located in the upper left hand corner of the images on the site. This makes it easy to keep track of the things that catch your eye. It's awesome for shoppers like me who like to "bookmark" things for later purchases (or impulse buys when STT sends out a coupon).

Anyway, check my My Style site out if you want to get an idea what it's like.  And of course, you can always "Vote for My Style" if you like it. I'd be honored.

I am not affiliated with Send The Trend. I was not promised compensation for this review, though when I sent my brief report to Divya she decided to send me a free accessory to thank me for my feedback.