Monday, July 11, 2011

Penhaligon's LP No. 9 for Ladies - Madame Rue Stirred Up Something Nice!

You may remember a while back, I was asked to be a guest blogger on Penhaligon's blog Adventures in Scent. I discussed out growing Versace Red Jeans, my "Man Catcher" perfume. Now, what I didn't talk about is that Penhaligon's has their own "Man Catcher" perfume, but this one is different. It's LP No. 9 For Women.

They may not say "Love Potion" directly we all know that's exactly what it stand for. And yes, there is also a LP No. 9 for Men, but I'll discuss that fragrance in a different post. I have samples of both.

So lets get on with it!

Image from Penhaligon's Website
What Penhaligon's Website Says about LP No. 9 for Women
Head Notes
Lemon, Geranium, Bergamot, Tarragon and Lavender
Heart Notes
Carnation, Rose and Jasmine
Base Notes
Cinnamon, Patchouli, Musk, Amber, Cedar and Vanilla
Created in 1998, LP No. 9 for ladies is potent and addictive brew of sweet floral notes, spices and musk. It opens with a creamy accord of tarragon and lavender sharpened with a twist of lemon. The heart reveals the open sweetness of carnation wrapped in rich sensual base notes of cedar, spice &; vanilla. The final effect is gorgeously soft and romantic, strange and beguiling.
Perfumer: Christian Provenzano
Yay! I love it when they tell us the Perfumer!

Lp No. 9 for Ladies comes in a 100 ml bottle for $120 or you can get a 50 ml bottle for $80.

My Experience With LP No. 9 for Ladies
Can a smell make you more attractive by changing your mood and demeanor? I think this one could. I had thought with the "for Ladies" at the end of this title that the scent would be attractive to men, but after wearing it I think it might work a little differently. Let me tell you about it.

I could smell the lemon in this instantly along with some of the more bitter florals (my guess is the geranium and carnation). The rose and jasmine follow close behind.  The base is, for lack of a better word, frakking awesome!  It's like a wonderful cloud of sexy confidence.

My initial thought upon applying LP No. 9 for Ladies was that it reminded me of the Victoria's Secrets "Secret Number" line of perfumes. I can't remember which one it was that I owned (this was nearly 10 years ago after all) but the number I chose was a spicy sexy one. LP No. 9 also had a spicy/sexy mix to it but it was more refined, gentler on the nose, and didn't really hit you over the head the way that the much cheaper Victoria's Secret one did. As the description said, it was also creamy. Smelling it makes me want to breath in deeply and close my eyes, just enjoying this mix of scents in a way that the scent I was reminded of never did.

I didn't notice any particular attraction from men the way I got with my old Man Catcher from Versace, but I noticed that I felt more sexy wearing this. I felt more confident in myself, and that in itself is attractive. You could say that it was a very good "mood creator" scent for me. I behaved a little more flirtatiously toward my husband, I was more receptive to his attempts at "wooing me" over dinner (he's the cave-man "club her over the head and drag her away" sort of guy). So that in itself is a WIN in my book.

I asked my husband what he thought and he gave it the "well, it doesn't offend my nostrils the way some of the scents you wear tend to do." I took that to mean he was fairly neutral about it. To me that doesn't matter because I liked how wearing this scent made me feel, and that had an effect on him.

Bottom Line
It remains to be seen if it is a "man-catcher" for someone, but for me it is definitely something to wear to alter my own mood.

I will have one of my single girl friends wear it out one of these days and "field test it" so to speak. That would be fun, don't you think?

Penhaligon's LP No. 9 for Ladies can be purchased on their website.

The product in this review was provided by Penhaligon's LTD for my consideration. I am not affiliated with Penhaligons LTD and I do not sell their products.