Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Quest for My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

So when I posted my measurements on Sunday I forgot to include my most recent benchmarking photographs. Want to see one? Ok! But just for fun we'll put them next to my first official "before" photos:

Before - August 10th, 2010After - July 3rd, 2011
185 lbs - 20 lbs lostJuly 3, 2011
Note: I had lost about 20 lbs before my first BEFORE photo due to Turbo Jam.

I just can't get over seeing that. On to the weigh in!

Weight: 154.6 lbs (-1.6 lbs)

That's what I'm talking about!!! Thank you Leandro and your Brazil Butt Lift! I think it was the something different I really needed. Switching things up is good! Now if I can just keep it up!

I wanted to let you know that I have created several Facebook Groups that you are welcome to join if you're looking for some support.
  • Styrch's Shakeology Recipe Share - By far my favorite of the groups so far. We're sharing Shakeology recipes and ideas.
  • TurboFire Babes - Group is small but I hope to grow it. If you're starting TurboFire and want to talk to other Turbo chicks this is for you!
  • Bum-Bum Babes - A group to work along with me, and talk about, Brazil Butt Lift.
Also, I hope you noticed the ticker on the side... NEW GOAL: 135 lbs! Think I can do it? I sure am going to try!

Still in effect: Incentives and Shakeology Contest.