Friday, July 15, 2011

Sister Post: Blushes You Can't Have: MAC Fab

Here's the other Barbie Loves MAC Blush...


MAC Blush in Fab

MAC Blush in Fab
Swatched Heavily.
Looks like very rich mud doesn't it? Well you'd be surprised but this blush can actually work on very pale skin. It's very different from it's sister blush (Don't Be Shy). Fab seemed like the oddball of the collection to me, as everything else seemed very "Barbie" and this one was a bit different. But it's more of a berry brown, which can work very well is a contour on just about any skin tone I think (my lovely darker ladies who have this - I'd love to hear what you have to say about this color). Believe it or not, I went through a period where I used this blush more than the pinker Don't Be Shy simply because I could give my cheeks shape and color with one or two strokes. It doesn't take much to make this beauty stand out!

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