Friday, August 5, 2011

Coveted Item of the Week: Hats from Ella Gajewska Millinery

Let's just jump right in, shall we?

Coveted Item of the Week: Ella Gajewska Hats and Fascinators!

Remember back when I was saying that I had a fascination with fascinators? Of course, the entire world seems to have a fascination with them after the Royal Wedding. But that is beside the point. The point is that my wonderful Cousin Bea Ann happens to to be a milliner - someone who creates hats! She picked up my fascination on Facebook and pointed me to another milliner: Ella Gajewska. I have been stalking her Facebook page and her website ever since.
I've been admiring Ella Gajewska's creativity, her whimsy, and lets be honest, her photographer. Aren't these images just gorgeous? Not only are the pieces she creates works of art but also she's putting out some awesome imagery! And still, I'm always looking at the hat, even when there's a naked woman looking like a woodland nymph on my screen. Seriously, her Facebook page is worth following just for the shots of the things that don't always end up on her website.

I think what I love about this style of hat, whether it's one of Ella Gajewska's fascinators, bridal pieces, or everyday wear hats, is that it really makes me think about how fun accessorizing can be. I don't own many accessories where if I were to wear them my outfit would be about the accessory and not the clothing. And I'll be quite honest, I'm not always sure I know what type of clothing would go with some of these hats (perhaps the naked woodland nymph has it right after all). But I do know that these pieces speak to the thirteen year old in me who still cries out for self expression without limits!

I guess to understand that  statement I'd have to tell you that I was a terrible dresser when I was in middle school, but at least I was relatively fearless with my clothing for a girl who went to school in a place that required a dress code. I was the only person I knew who would rock those Victoria Secret cat suits (I think I went through three of them). Anyway, I don't play as much with clothing anymore as I used to. I'm starting to again, and I hope that I'll get to a point where I can make hates like these part of my wardrobe. Seriously, how could you NOT have fun with a Rubix Cube- like thing on your head? That's my favorite, by the way. That and the paint speckled slouchy hat below.

Ella is super nice by the way. She is very interactive on Facebook and responds to comments. I asked her if I could feature her on my blog and she was happy to let me use her images here. If you are at all interested in hats that aren't your typical sort, I strongly suggest you check out her pictures and strike up a conversation.

Will I Get One?
Oh I really want to! But how to choose? Do I go for something totally fanciful that I probably can't wear anywhere, or do I go for something a little closer to normal? I just don't know. If the one with the chain and spikes around were still available (and in a color other than blue) I think it would be mine (go visit her site and see what I'm talking about).

You can purchase Ella Gajewska's art from her website.

All images displayed belong to Ella Gajewska and are used with her permission.