Friday, August 19, 2011

Coveted Item of the Week: Rag & Bone Kobra Sweater

I have been obsessing over this sweater for a couple of weeks now. I thought it was time to properly post it as a "Covet" item!

Yup, I'd pair this with cargo's too.
Rag & Bone Kobra Sweater - $325 at ShopBop

There could not be a more awesome transition sweater than Kobra in my opinion. It comes in both black and gray (I have a HUGE preference for the black), so you can imagine the types of combinations that you could come up with. The striping on it is neatly done, but not predictable. I love the mix of strip widths. The open stitch means it's breathable and a great layer.The model wears a bralette underneath, but that could easily be this summer's tank that you aren't quite ready to quit.  You can punk it up depending on what you wear with it, or you could make it just a comfy casual sweater. But admit it - either way... this model looks bad-ass!

What turns me off about purchasing this sweater is that for the price, the material used is a cotton, linen polyamide, viscose blend - I prefer my knitted sweaters to be more pure. It's also dry clean only, and lets face it - I would wear this sweater so much that to remit it to a dry cleaner every couple of weeks might very well be heart breaking. I am also a little concerned that the open stitch might snag more easily than conventional sweaters, making it not so adaptable to a little rough and tumble action.

And lets face it - with my knitting skills I could crank this puppy out in  a weekend if I have every single day devoted to it.

Close up of shoulder area for detail reference.
Will I get it?
Plans are already in the works... but not for this particular sweater. For this to be worth it to me the price tag would have to drop SIGNIFICANTLY. I can knit this and with a better yarn. It would be a great challenge to take on. But made of straight knit stitch with some ribbing... the only tricky part will be lining up the sleeves.

Of course, the knitting process goes far more quickly with a pattern!  Check out Kim Hargrave's "Down" from her Spring Misty collection. Give it a more closed neck and strip the pattern differently and it's really darn close. The open stitch might be a hint different, but it IS a starting point. A very helpful person on Ravelry pointed me to this pattern. The book has been purchased! I am waiting for the book to arrive before I purchase yarn, but I'm thinking I could use a lace weight yarn from KnitPicks doubled up and then dropped to single strand on a larger set of needles for the open stitch.

Now I'm back to that Covetable item known as "Time"...

You know I didn't take these images. Images are from ShopBop.