Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Beauty Spotlight Team: Week of August 20th

  • Have you ever pined for longer, thicker, curlier lashes? Then Shannon at Lipstick Musings has a treat for you! Check out what happened when she tried Rapidlash for a month! You'll never want to turn back.
  • Beauty comes in many forms, Skeem proves that. Enter Beauty Info Zone's giveaway for a Skeem Half Pint candle of your choice.
  • Visionary Beauty gives us a round-up of all the Rouge Bunny Rouge Long-lasting Cream Eye Shadows SILK AETHER. Such beautiful, effortless shades these are really not to be missed.
  • It's true! Lisamarie from Beauty Crazed DOES have the sparkliest nails in the universe! Check out her swatches of OPI's newest editions to their Designer Series!
  • Everyday Beauty raised a glass to Laura Mercier Shimmer Lip Colour in Amaretto.
  • Over at Pretty in Dayton, Styrch's had a rough couple of weeks but she did manage to post some swatches of her first ever Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar purchase and finds that they live up to their stellar reputation.
  • Over at Makeup Merriment, Jeanie believes she has discovered handbag heaven with her new Purse to Go organizer.
  • Modesty Brown shares un petit peu de French shopping.
  • How would you like to make the dreaded task of washing your makeup brushes less of a chore? Perilously Pale shows you how with her review of the BECCA Professional Makeup Brush Soap.
  • It's time for Monthly Favorites! See what made Pammy Blogs Beauty's list of July Star Products!
  • Does NARS new lip gloss Larger Than Life live up to it's name? Is Cindy really a giant? Find out at Prime Beauty! 
  •  Don't forget to enter the Mega Beauty Bloggers Giveaway and win a $100 Sephora Gift Card and more!