Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Quest For My Pretty - Weekly "I Screwed Up" Report

Ok, so I over-ate by a little (not a lot) every day this week. I did this because I have been very hungry and I did not think I was taking in quite enough calories. But I got my workouts in and I have been faithful to my Brazil Butt Lift "Slim & Lift" schedule. But I have been snacking. I have been seriously hungry at odd times, and my choices haven't been ideal. I did have a few bad "drinking with friends" nights this week - I am not going to lie. And last night was Softball and Tequila Tuesday.

But really, it wasn't enough of a different week to cause this:

Weight: 157.8 lbs (+ 3.4 lbs)

Brazil Butt Lift might not have quite enough cardio for me, but it is kicking my butt! Also, I am sore in places I usually am not - maybe I am retaining some water as a result? My clothing is fitting fine, if not looser. So... Well, we will have to keep our eye on this and buckle down next week on the eating. Maybe have a few alcohol-free weeks (boo)!

I will be staring Insanity soon, by the way. I asked my BeachBody community which program I should do to drop 20 lbs by Halloween and they were unanimous. For that program, I WILL follow the eating plan. I would love it if you joined me - I am still doing a drawing for a bag of Shakeology if you purchase an exercise program from me until August 17th.

Want to join me with Insanity?