Sunday, August 21, 2011

Seven Links! I've been tagged...

A couple of weeks ago, the lovely Jennifer from LillyPea Designs tagged me on her blog The Paper Pod. The purpose: to review your own blog in seven categories, then pass it on. Yes, the dreaded "chain letter" post! But relax, this one doesn't bring bad luck, just a nice look at the past and a celebration of the other wonderful blogs I read. So here we go!

Link 1: My Most Popular Post
In the past 30 Days, my most popular post has been "Review: OPI Black Shatter vs. Kelier Black Crackle Polish Over Chanel Kaleidoscope". Oddly enough, it has received no comments, yet still seems to be the post that people are looking at continuously. I hope this means this post is somewhat helpful because the pictures in the post certainly were not pretty to look at!

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Link 2: My Most Beautiful Post
Oh dear, on a block that focuses on all things "pretty" I have to come up with something that is the most beautiful??? Oh gosh... I'm going with Day #12 of My Twelve Days of Christmas posts! I had so much fun putting these 12 Days o Christmas together... the eye candy was so worth it. I really must think about doing this again! What do you think? Did you think those posts were as beautiful as I did? Yes, I think I should do this again, only this time I'll plan it so far in advance I don't have problems figuring out what to do. And clearly, Mr. Fassbender has moved up on my list!

Link 3: My Most Controversial Post
There is no doubt in my mind that my most controversial post was "Is THIS What Prom Is in Dayton, Ohio?" I have had more negative comments about that post than any of my other pots. And to this day, I still get comments on it disagreeing with me. But I still have to say - some of those dresses I saw in that store were just fugly beyond fugly. Since then I have kept my eye out for what dresses people wear to the prom in Dayton, and yeah... they are wearing fugly dresses. I did too back then. But you know what I'm discovering? This year's prom dress is probably next year's gown dance at Diamonds around here. (I'm going to get hate mail for saying that, aren't I?)

Link 4: My Most Helpful Post
I don't have any idea on this one, but I'm going to go with my "Review: ChaLEAN Extreme - "Muscle Burns Fat" mostly because the difference that I saw in 90 days with body was so staggering many of you, my lovely readers, contacted me about how to get started with your own fitness journey. Not only that but it was the first time I saw before and after pictures of myself in a way that showed me I had made real progress. When ever I feel like I want to give up, I go back to that post and see how far I've come. Helpful indeed!
Link 5: My Surprise Success Post
I will always think of this post when people ask me about success. "My Nail Health and a Long Overdue Review - Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator" is significant to me because not only was this product the first product I received "for free" but Qtica asked me if I'd be willing to review other products and wanted permission to use my images. The review opened new territory for me and made me feel like I had "made it" in a small way in this enormous amount of nail and beauty blogs.

Link 6: Post that Didn't Get Enough Attention
I'm going to go with "Just for you! 10% off Althea Harper and 15% off Sittella" Why would I go with this one? Because I was so excited that I was able to bring this discount to you, my fellow readers, and it didn't seem like many of you took Ms. Harper up on her very generous offer. I did hear from a couple of you, and that's GREAT! But the fact that I heard so little from you my readers about being able to set this up for you made me very sad. Maybe I should have included pictures.

Link 7: Post I am the Most Proud Of
This post has yet to come for me. I know what one it's going to be - it's going to be the one I post about meeting my weight loss goals. I am very proud of my Weekly Weight Loss Reports, and being able to bring that to you every week, letting you know I'm going through the same stuff many of you struggle with on a daily basis too. But I am not there YET!!! I am eagerly anticipating the ability to bring my success to you in one bundle once I am able to do so. Until then I'll keep pushing.

Who is Getting Tagged?
I'm tagging some people I love here. My blog is not really in their league, but they've been hugely supportive of me and encouraging, not to mention absolute joys to read.
Gosh I have so many more people/blogs I'd love to tag! Next time I guess. :)