Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Take My Shakeology 5 Day Challenge! (And YES, There is a PRIZE)

Ok, folks! You know I love my Shakeology. And I really want to share it with you too! I know some of you have told me you want to try it, but that it's a bit expensive. So I'm going to issue you a challenge: Try it for 5 days. And guess what, you'll have a chance to win prizes!

Here's how it's going to work:
  • Commit to the challenge:  Contact me via email (prettyindayton at gmail dot com) and tell me you want to take part in the challenge. I will only take the first 10 people so let me know FAST. I have to keep this one small - it's my first challenge like this folks! And yes, I will be creating a Facebook event for those who enter so we can talk to one another.
  • Get Shakeology:You can order Shakeology from my Shakeology site if you don't have it already, or if you only want to purchase 5 days worth, let me know and I'll sell you 5 packets for $25 (shipping included). 
  • Participate: Challenge will take place during August 26 through August 30.
So how do you participate?
  • Send me your weight and measurements on August 26 first thing in the morning.
  • Drink Shakeology every day - One shake per day, the other meals you're on your own (though I'll give you some ideas).
  • Email me EVERY DAY - include EVERYTHING that you've eaten. I will provide you with feedback - the point is to eat healthy during this time. I won't leave you hanging on it either.
  • Commit to doing 30 minutes of exercise EVERY DAY.  - If you skip a day, that means you do an hour the next to make up for it. Report to me your exercise every day in the email you send me.
  • Send me your weight and measurements when you get up on August 31. 
Don't worry - I won't disclose weight and stats to the public. This is just for you and to keep you accountable during the challenge. 

What could you win? How About A Raffle for a Beachbody Workout Program?
For everyone who completes the challenge, I will enter your name into a raffle for ANY basic package of a Beachbody program (includes fitness programs like my favorites: ChaLEAN Extreme, TurboFire, Turbo Jam or others like P90X and Insanity etc). OR a free bag of Shakeology. Your choice!

What if you don't win the raffel?
If you participated (fulfilled the requirements of the challenge) and your name doesn't get picked for the raffle I'll give you something special too: A chance to use my coach's discount to purchase Shakeology or a Workout program at 25% off.

Who is this challenge good for?
  • Anyone who's wanted to try Shakeology without the commitment of an entire bag.
  • Anyone who's looking to lose weight, reduce cravings, feel better.
  • Anyone who's serious about improving their health and fitness.
Deadline to contact me about ordering packets for the challenge is August 15th.

Let me know fast! I intend to fill these 10 slots up! I have to keep the number small so that it's manageable for me to keep an eye on all participants. But if you don't make the 10 slots, I'll give you advanced notice on the next challenge.