Friday, September 30, 2011

Covet Conundrum - Help me choose what I get from Althea Harper's Fall Collection

Ok, so instead of my "usual" Covet post (which I haven't done for a while), I felt I really wanted to discuss what will be a future purchase. As you very well know, I love to support designer Althea Harper by purchasing items from her collections. You also know I have an (ever growing) wish list from her various collections - I can't possibly purchase everything I want so I need to make choices. My choices haven't always been optimal (to date my most used item is my Jess Skirt, which I adore). Which brings me to...

My Covet Conundrum
The pieces I want have somewhat changed from my first review of this collection. As my wardrobe has evolved this year, I have new needs. Also, I have a more concerned eye for cost per use. So what do I purchase first? What do I save for later?

Browning Jacket
The Browning Jacket (aka) The Killer Blazer - $560
This gorgeous leather beauty was a favorite of mine before I even saw the collection. But when I asked Althea Harper earlier this year what the price point would be, I was quoted $400. When I saw $560, my jaw dropped. Not that it is unreasonable - for great leather working it's perfectly reasonable. But I have a very hard time fitting blazers (arms, shoulders, back, boobs all a factor). Also, I suspect the cost per use will be relatively low. How many times will I really use this vs putting on my standard leather jacket? I love this (particularly with the shorts, which are also on sale for $165). And even when I saw it, my reaction was "Save a bit more! And then get it!" but after sleeping on it... I'm not so sure.

The Starlette Dress
The Starlett Dress - $385

This dress grew on me. Originally I had been thinking of a different dress (The Lucio Dress). But I sort of love the flow of this dress, the way it hits certain curves. Plus seeing it on Althea at various locations and functions on her Facebook page - this dress is truly a knockout. But again, cost per use would be relatively low. How many times will I get a chance to wear this? Maybe I could toss a cardigan over it and wear it to work, but would I? Probably more so then my Lorenzo dress... but not by much.

Clelie in Cream
Clelie Sweater - $190
This sweater is VERY now. The cutouts in the shoulder are spot on. I'm seeing this all over the place but don't own anything like this. On the other hand, it is a trend and it WILL go out of style eventually. When is anyone's guess. However, check it out on Althea in cream (to the Left). Now THAT I have a definite use for. Bonus - the cutouts look like they are done in such a way that would hide a bra. And my shoulders are starting to be my favorite part of my body.  I could rock this top. Cost per use, much higher.

Argento Dress
The Argento Dress - $375
I wasn't sure what I thought about this dress at first. I was intrigued by the print and the cut. I love the length. The cutout below the boobs had me worried a bit, but then again - I have some pretty muscles there so maybe it's not so bad. Also, this seems to be the "IT" dress in terms of a party dress from this collection. Following Althea's Facebook, this dress is showing up a lot on different people. It's flattering on thin frames - maybe not quite as much on mine. That's the question. Absolutely I could hide the cut out with a black cardi over it for every day wear.

I've crossed the awesome LBD  Delphine dress off my list - I just can't see the top being flattering on me as much as I love it. Same thing for the Neve dress. Both are lovely, but I can't justify them.

So What Should I Buy?
I'll be honest, I'm leaning toward Argento Dress or Clelie sweater. Both are priced quite high, but this is what happens when you shop boutique designer! So lend me your opinion and help me out!

You can now shop Althea Harper on her Facebook Page.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Send the Trend Adds... Eye Shadow???

I love it that Send the Trend continues to surprise me...

Lourdes Neutral Palette from Send The Trend
I knew that Send the Trend would be branching out into makeup, or at least a hunch. I was chatting with Divya Gugnani (co-founder) and she asked me what my thoughts were. Me! Well, color me flattered. Anyway, it looks like starting next month this will be a reality. I got a sneak peek in my mailbox today when their PR/CS person sent around the usual pre-view email. Jaw drop!

The only thing I know about this palette for sure is that it will cost $29.95 (1 STT Credit). I don't know about the quality of the palette, so I can't comment on that. But five shadows (assuming good quality) with a brush (assuming good quality) - well it might not be a bad deal. The colors certainly look like they will be wearable, and I certainly will admit to purchasing a single eye shadow for the same price or more *cough*Chanel*Cough*. So who knows.

Honestly, I wish the makeup kit was paired with an accessory to complete the look, or that it was sold as a set with a lipstick, mascara, or liner. Something about this doesn't seem finished to me. But I suspect this idea may be evolving.

So what do you think?
Will you be buying makeup from an accessories service?

Unless you were in on the preview, Lourdes will be available on October 1. Let me know if you want an invite!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Quest For My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

First off, I must apologize for last week's lack of post. I was traveling and it presented some problems for me in terms of scheduling posts, including my "Quest". But I can tell you my strategy for that time week!

Styrch's Travel Strategy and Weight Loss
  • The Insanity program requires no equipment but space - I'll admit this did pose a bit of a problem when I was unexpectedly bumped to the following day on my return flight and ended up in a room with very little room for anything but two giant awesome beds. But for the rest of my trip, I certainly did get down and dirty doing pushup jacks on my hotel floor!
  • I brought my own Shakeology - always a must. Glad I brought extra for the morning of the day I got bumped. 
  • Try to make decisions based on the Insanity Eating Plan - this is where things went very wrong for me. As many of you know, when you're traveling food is plentiful but not necessarily unprocessed, prepared the way you would prepare, or low in fat.  I did eat a lot of fish! But I also ate at Panda Wok quite a bit too. No matter how much I tried to direct them on less rice, more veggies and protein they did not listen to me. And hungry, I ate it!
  • Avoid Alcohol - I never get this one right. I know it's the rule I should follow, but after a long day of testing I want my wine or beer with dinner. Especially if after that long day I end up delayed in an airport. 
So it is with great difficulty that I report my weight this morning. I knew it wouldn't be good:

Weight: 158.4 lbs (+ 3.2 lbs)

While I do believe this is part water and part muscle, I will gladly admit that it is also part alcohol and fatigue. My body is yet again adjusting to a different schedule. The second month of insanity is grueling. I am once again in limbo in terms of how many calories to consume.

However, I'm not giving up. As I told one other person this week (and have been told myself) "It's a marathon, not a sprint!"

Side Note
Wish me luck on Sunday! I'm going to try to get my Turbo Kick certification so that I can actually teach this kick-ass workout style live!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Clueless About Brows? Try Benefit's Brow Mapping

Benefit Brow Bar Visit

Recently, my local Benefit counter at Macy’s in the Dayton mall had an event to launch their new “Their Real” mascara. I got a chance to try out the new mascara (and yes it walked him with me). But the exciting thing for me was learning about Benefit and experiencing their signature service: Brow Mapping at their Brow Bar.
Benefit Brow Bar Visit
I met with Jenna, the counter manager, and she walked me through the history of Benefit. For instance, although I knew of BeneTint (their signature lip and cheek stain) I had no idea that it was origionally created for a burlesque dancer so she could safely tint her lady bits. That puts a whole new spin on things, doesn’t it? I know I have a few budding Burlesque dancers reading this blog – you might want to take note!

Benefit Brow Bar Visit
Pre-Brow Magic
Anyway, the discussion very quickly moved from history to the present and the success Benefit is having with their Brow Bar. This service is new to the Dayton area, but other cities have had it for a while. They are working on getting it everywhere. According to Jenna, Benefit employs more aestheticians than any other company out there. They all go through the same training so that you can get the best brows possible. As she put it, good brows are the prefect frame for your face.

And thus I was introduced to Paige (who’s easily one of the most polished and gorgeous women I’ve ever had work on my brows). I’ll admit – I felt like I was cheating on my usual aesthetician with Paige. But I wanted to know how this service was different. What makes brow mapping special?

Benefit Brow Bar Visit
Paige applying "Guides"
The Nose Knows!
Unlike other brows services that reference the eyeball as the starting point for the eyebrow or stencils that only give you a standard shape, a Benefit aesthetician uses two points to create a line to guide where to tweeze or wax in order to custom frame your face. The common reference point on where to start the line is the nose.
  • Marking the inner part of the brow – the line you draw should run straight up from the outer corner of your nose.
  • Determining where to arch your brow – The top of your arch should be an angle connecting the outer edge of your nose through the outer edge of your iris. Note: You have to be looking straight ahead for this to work.
  • Where the brow should end – Your brow should end where the line from your nose extends through the outer edge of your eye shape and hits the brow.
Benefit Brow Bar Visit
Scary Guides Filled In
After appropriately mapping my brow, Paige filled in the brow along the shape she thought would be perfect for my face according to the map. We discovered that my right eyebrow was a little too long (just a touch), and while my brow arch was really good I have been tweezing too much in between my brows. Like most people, I had been referencing the corner of my eye as the starting point. Paige filled my brow in a just a bit to show me what it would look like and I’ll admit – I like the longer brow better.

Benefit Brow Bar Visit
All Better!
I asked Paige how I should deal with my unruly center brow hairs as I allow those to grow out. She suggested I may have to fill in, but trimming would be my best bet. Of course, follow up with her in about 4-6 weeks.

I would recommend everyone try out the Benefit Brow Bar at least once. The cost is a little more steep than at my local salon ( around $22). But you will get to ask anything you want and get a very good educational service. Plus the entire Benefit line of cosmetics is there as well to assist you in finding the correct products to attend your brows.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

They Beauty Spotlight Team: It's Mystery Makeup Bag Time!

This week we take a peek into the twisted mind of Lisamarie from Beauty Crazed via her makeup bag. What crazy-ass stuff will we find in there? Click on this link and read on, if you dare...!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Juniper Sling Mockumentary - Pehnaligon's Is Having Some Fun!

Just for fun, I thought I'd share the Penhaligon's Juniper Sling Mockumentary. I'm really looking forward to trying this perfume. It's not on this side of the pond yet, but my friends in the UK... go try it and tell me all about it, ok???

How cute!

Check it out on the UK Penhaligon's website.

Monday, September 19, 2011

News From Penhaligon's LTD: Meadham Kirkhoff Fashion Show for S/S 2011

The scent chosen this season is....


My favorite, as well you know.
Here is the press release I received last week. I really should have posted this earlier:
"For the fifth season Penhaligon’s is delighted to be working with Meadham Kirchhoff to
scent their Spring/Summer 2012 collection. This time, expect a twist and prepare yourself to
experience fragrance in a different way.

This season Meadham Kirchhoff have chosen Artemisia as a celebration of all things
feminine. Created in 2002, Artemisia is both floral and fruity with a beautifully sensual dry
down. A tumble of green apples and nectarines washed with jasmine tea and sprinkled
with a luxurious medley of violet, cyclamen and lily petals. All this softly unfolds with great
subtlety surrounded with layers of honeyed vanilla, warm spices, a touch of amber and a
hint of musk."
You can purchase Penhaligon's Artemisia perfume from various stores or their website.
Read my review of Penhaligon's Artemisia in Solid Perfume!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fashon's Night Out - What I Did in Dayton

Lisa Michaels demonstrates Dior Rock CoatWhile all my blogger friends converged on NYC for the second annual Fashion’s Night Out, I was stuck in Dayton Ohio, as usual. Fortunately, I had a beauty date planned with my new friend who works the fragrance counter at Macy’s in the Dayton Mall, Lisa.

Lisa, knowing what a makeup junkie I am, did not limit me to fragrances that evening, no. She first made a beeline to the Dior counter to show me the new Dior Rock Coat. Now, Dayton Mall isn’t supposed to have this new topcoat. They got it by mistake. Lisa snagged one of the only bottles. As she put it, it doubles her makeup stash because she can change the color of any polish by using it.

Here’s an example of Dior Rock Coat in action:

Lisa Michaels demonstrates Dior Rock Coat
Pre-Dior Rock Coat

Lisa Michaels demonstrates Dior Rock Coat
Post-Dior Rock Coat

Personally, I like the way it looks over the naked nail better than over color:

Lisa Michaels demonstrates Dior Rock Coat
Dior Rock Coat -  With Flash

Lisa Michaels demonstrates Dior Rock Coat
Dior Rock Coat - Without Flash
Next we hopped over to Lancome and looked at what was on display. I walked away with their Nail Lacquer in 23 Noir. You know me – I can’t pass up what looks like a good black polish! I will review it in a later post. :)

Chanel Swatches
Chanel Swatches
Chanel Twilight, Fauve, Magic Night
At this point I went off to grab a couple of Back-to-Mac lipsticks. I elected to get Pink Plaid (a long time lemming) and Runway Red. Fortunately for me, they also had Stunner blush available. As you may know, that was sold out online. Incidentally, they also had all the fluidlines.

My evening ended at the Chanel counter. The very lovely Chanel representative swatched some of the fall colors for me. She also showed me the new cream shadows. Illusoire walked home with me – to me it looked like what I wanted of MAC Mauvement pigment . I also got to see something that was a bit of a drool worth moment: The unpacking of boxes of Chanel stock!
Unpacking Chanel!!!
All in all it was a very lovely evening. I made some wonderful contacts. Don’t be surprised if you see me reporting more interesting things from the Dayton Mall Macy’s in the future.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Beauty Spotlight Team! Week of September 17th

This week our beautiful beauty bloggers bring you a few insider tricks of the trade, some killer red lipsticks, keep you smelling sweet, give you bat-worthy lashes, explore orange blush and have some goodies to giveaway! Read on for all the dish....
  • This was week one in the Prime Beauty series "Mascara Madness." Look for a mascara review every Monday for the next few weeks. This Monday I discovered the brand spankin' new IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes! and this mascara really did have me at 'Hello'--see the pics for yourself!
  • At Lipstick Musings, Shannon may have found the ultimate true red in the new Fall 2011 Rouge d'Armani lipstick #406, Scarlatto. See if you fall in love with her new obsession, too!
  • Have you been on the hunt for a base and top coat system that dries fast and leaves your tips shiny for days? Makeup Merriment's latest giveaway is for two sets of the fabulous Lumos system. Have you entered yet?
  • Modesty Brown takes on a challenge to wear seven lipsticks over seven days and muses on the mood altering effects of colour.
  • Do you have sensitive skin? Well, you are going to want to enter Pammy Blogs Beauty's Lara Beauty giveaway for the entire Lara Beauty line for Sensitive Skin (worth $100)!
  • Lisamarie from Beauty Crazed explores the weird and wonderful world of orange blush - is she a convert? Come check out her swatches and help her decide!
  • Styrch over at Pretty in Dayton gets in the mood for the Vampire Diaries season premiere by trying Eau de Verveine by Penhaligon's Ltd, an addicting fragrance that leaves her conflicted to say the least.
  • Are you interested in the tricks of the trade? If so then Beauty Info Zone has an amazing product, Senna Light Tricks, that you need to learn about.
  • Paula, from Older Girl Beauty, went backstage at Fashion Week and saw that anything can happen when famed hairstylist Ted Gibson gave a model an impromptu haircut before the Carmen Marc Valvo S/S 2012 show.
  • Perilously Pale thinks Deborah Lippmann's Brick Road from the Fall Collection is the perfect colour to to take us into Autumn.
  • London Makeup Girl reviews the new Jo Malone Wild Bluebell Cologne. Find out what she thinks of it here : Wild Bluebell Cologne Review.
  • Once again Guerlain are out to entice with their new ombre éclat 4 shade palettes, Visionary beauty shows us the soft smoky Les Fumes palette.
  • At Everyday Beauty, Zuzu's Petals tried out Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Color in Smoke Red and fell in love with red again for Fall.
Stay beauty-full!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Penhaligon's Eau de Verveine - What Would The Salvatore Brothers Say?

Image from Penhaligon's Website
Back when I was requesting samples from Penhaligon's of some of the perfumes I was interested in, I requested Eau de Verveine. I didn't request it because I thought I would like it, or that I thought anyone else would like it. I bought it because of one of my favorite guilty pleasures: Damon Salvatore. I mean... The Vampire Diaries!

For those of you who don't watch The Vampire Diaries, an herb called Verveine is the bane of vampires. It makes them sick, it burns their skin... lots of nasty stuff. It's like if garlic and holy water were to have a baby. But I digress...

Since tonight is the season premiere of The Vampire Diaries, I think it only fitting that I review this perfume for you. That way, should you choose, you too can be protected from vampires! But really, why would you want to be? They're all so hot!!!

What Penhaligon's Website Says about Eau De Verveine
Head Notes
Lime Oil, Lemon Oil, Petit Grain Oil, Bergamot, Coriander, Clary Sage, Armoise

Heart Notes
Clove, Lavender

Base Notes
Musk, Vanilla, Cedarwood

Originally created in 1949, Eau de Verveine is a grassy aromatic, with citrus and woods. The scent of an Indian Summer, shimmering heat haze, soft metallics, crumbled herbs, spices, musk and vanilla. In the distance echoes the evocative promise of rain.

Eau de Verveine was originally created in 1949 and has been resurrected as part of our 2009 Anthology Collection.
You can purchase 100 ml of Eau de Verveine for $140 or you can get a tiny 15 ml bottle with the Anthology Collection set (comes with 3 other fragrances) for $80.

My Experience with Eau De Verveine
I'll admit, the first time I put this fragrance on I thought it was meant for a man. It's not floral, though there are some notes in there that are. And I suppose it could be a rather androgynous scent, but the longer I wore it the more feminine I realized it was. The very clean crisp notes of the citrus oils, bergamot, sage pop right out to me. The scent is extremely clean - something I associate with fragrances for men. However when it wears down, the lavender, musk and vanilla really shine through - a combination I love and associate with feminine comfort feelings. And yes, I can smell the cedarwood too (reminds me of knitting because I store all my yarn in cedar). All together the combination the mix comes out as a surprisingly "female" scent.

I don't own anything like this scent. I only have a tiny sample and I wanted to wear it all the time. It's a great day time scent - not a "special occasion" scent. It's good for work because it's not "sexy" - but it might be in the right circumstances on the right person. I really felt "addicted" to this scent because it is SO different from anything in my collection. And I kept reapplying... all the time. I've been hoarding my tiny sample. But there's a downside...

I find most Penhaligon's scents tend to dry down quickly. They need reapplication - Penhaligon's even sells a travel atomizer for this (I own two). I expect this from them compared to other brands I find in the department stores.  I am usually willing to overlook this because the scents are different from anything else I've smelled. However, Eau de Verveine is the shortest lasting perfume that I have tried to date. And Penhaligon's does not sell any anything to layer this scent in order to make it last. The length of time before wanting to reapply is just disappointing! This is the type of scent that will have me constantly saying "Do I have anything else I want to spend that $140 on?" And the answer probably will always be yes. Until I cave, that is. 

What Would The Brothers Salvatore Say?
It's an unexpected scent, and that makes me think of Katherine. There's also a strength that comes from this crisp clean smell that I think Elena would love. And because Damon and Stephan love the doppelgangers, they might find it attractive. But I think Katherine would whip out her Lp. No. 9 and try to bowl the guys over with sexy, and Elena would counter with Artemisia... a genuine girlie scent that would make both of them melt.

Bottom Line
There is something completely irrational going on in my brain... I can't consider Eau de Verveine to be a "Good Buy" because of what I experienced in length of wear. However, it's just so darn addicting! Avoid yourself the mental anguish of rationalizing the purchase and don't seek it out - lest you get hooked like me.

I really do love it. Really I do. I'll miss it when my sample runs out. I've been hoarding it.

You can purchase Penhaligon's Eau de Verveine from their website.

The product in this review was provided by Penhaligon's LTD for my consideration. I am not affiliated with Penhaligons LTD and I do not sell their products.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Quest For My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

Recovery week in Insanity! Yay! I needed this. I've been working like crazy on this "project" - the "Insanity version of my body", so to speak, and it's tiring! But I must say, I am THRILLED with my shoulders. I also was able to touch the ceiling in my living room by jumping up from the floor for the first time in my 5' 4" life! That's POWER baby! And jumping is really a weakness of mine.

On the downside, the Insanity diet has been getting boring. There's not a lot of flavor. I think that is facilitating some of my "munchies" cravings. Salt. Chocolate. Spices. WANT!!!

Weight: 155.2 lbs (+0.4 lbs)

I truly think this is water weight and muscle right now. I can see a difference on Saturday mornings with enough sleep and proper nutrition through the week so that makes me happy. I wish my camera could capture the definition I'm seeing. I'm actually really excited about it, so I'm not sweating the 0.4 lbs. Right now it's all good!

New Favorite Mani Combo - OPI It's My Year Topped with Crown Me Already

OPI It's My year Topped with OPI Crown Me Already!

I can't claim this combo was my genius. I actually saw it on a swatch set in Ulta, where I purchased these two polishes. I fell in love with the combo there and had to try it for myself.

I'm not going to give the duo a review at this time except to say that I think It's My Year has a lot of similar shades - we've seen her sisters all over the place. But I don't mind. I like pink foils! But it's not a must have color.

Crown Me Already, on the other hand, IS a MUST HAVE color. It's not fantastic for layering (just a bit too thick) but you can get some nifty cool effects with a bottom color peaking through just slightly. For crying out loud - I counted at least 4 different glitter particles in here. That's so cool!

What color would you (have you?) paired with Crown Me Already? Let me know - maybe I'll give it a shot!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

PHYTO - Merecedes Benz Fashion Week Looks Spring 2012 PR Info

Readers, you know I still get a little tickled every time I get any type of press release right? I suspect I always will. Me? Press releases from fashion week? Cool! Well I thought I'd send this one your way for several reasons:
  1. My hair always sucks and I love ANY information on any styling tips that might help.
  2. The PHYTO PR Rep sent me some products a couple of months back I've been trying out to help my hair with a few issues, so before I write the review I feel like I should be kind in return and post the information they send me. 
  3. I figure some of you out there might also like Hair Styling tips.
So away we go with the press release info!

Press Release Begin!

New York, NY (September 13, 2011)- PHYTO partnered with the most creative and talented hair stylists this season to invigorate the runway. From wet looks to streamlined ponytails to twists and structure, a look was created for every modern woman. PHYTO. Natural, healthy, professional. PHYTO is available at and fine salons nationwide.

Saturday, September 10th/ Pier 59
Key Hairstylist: Bob Recine for Phyto
Inspiration: A wet, yet sculpted just out of the shower look.

Step by step:
  1. Saturate the hair completely with dollops of Phyto Professional Intense Volume Mousse.
  2. Spray Phytolaque Soie light hold hair spray onto a toothbrush to tame flyaways.
  3. Finish for extra hold with Phyto Professional Workable Holding Spray. The back of the hair moved naturally.
Derek Lam
Sunday, September 11th/The Stage at Lincoln Center
Key Hairstylist: Orlando Pita for Phyto
Inspiration: Architect Richard Neutra’s organic west coast homes. The hair reflects with a side parted low ponytail- “clean and simple lines,” shares Pita.

Step by step:
  1. Sprayed Phytovolume Actif onto the hair. Applied heat and created a side part.
  2. For those with dry and damaged hair, add a pea size amount of Phyto 7 daily hydrating cream to nourish ends.
  3. Pull hair into a ponytail and wrap with elastic. Spray Phytolaque soie light hold hair spray.
  4. Apply Phyto Professional Shine Defining Wax to smooth the ponytail for a natural hold with sheen.

Erickson Beamon
Sunday, September 11th/Milk Studios
Key Hairstylist: Nikki Ray/Salon AKS for Phyto
Inspiration: “Mad Magic Magnificent.” VOGUE Italia March 2004. Karen Elson by Steven Klein. Big, colorful jewelry equates to theatrical makeup and gorgeously twisted hair with a low, textured explosion ponytail.

Step by step:
  1. Apply Phyto Professional Glossing Cream to create soft twists with a little shine.
  2. Spray Phytolaque Soie light hold hair spray to keep twists in place.
  3. Pull hair into a low ponytail, and wrapped elastic with hair.
  4. Spray Phyto Professional Workable Holding Spray for a strong hold and finish.
  5. Apply Phyto Professional Matte Texturizing Paste to ponytail to create a textured explosion.
Zero + Mara Cornejo
Monday, September 12th/ Milk Studios
Key Hairstylist: Martin Cullen for Phyto
Inspiration: Maria shares, “I love the feeling of an urban summer; fabrics that feel like the beach but toughened up somehow.” The hair reflects that feeling with a graphic, structural up-do with a twist.

Step by step:
  1. Spray Phytovolume Actif throughout hair to give it texture.
  2. Create a side part and make 2 small twists on the left side of the head, secure it with threaded elastic.
  3. Spray twists with Phytolaque soie light hold hair spray.
  4. Pull hair back and fold it flat against the head, almost origami like. Secure hair with bobby pins.
  5. Finish with Phyto Professional Workable Holding Spray.
PHYTO (fee-toe) is a leader in botanical hair care treatments for all hair types. Created by Parisian stylist Patrick Alès in 1967, PHYTO formulas boast extremely high concentrations of active botanical extracts with clinically proven results. Phyto is manufactured and distributed by Alès Group, USA, a subsidiary of Alès Groupe, a family-owned located in Bezons, France. PHYTO does not test on animals. Please recycle. For more information, please contact 1.800.55.PHYTO or visit Phyto's Website.

Follow PHYTO on Twitter

Information and Images were provided to me by PR.

Send the Trend is Making Wenesday "TrendsDay"!

Wednesday just became something to look forward to! I just learned from Divya Gugnani, co-founder of Send the Trend, that STT is launching a new awesome idea called "Trendsday". Guess when it starts? TOMORROW!!!

How it Works

Every Wednesday, Send The Trend will procure a piece that customers can buy that is at drastically reduced prices. These are meant to be covetable items, items that are very now, and definitely something that should spark our interests.

Divya also gave me a couple clues for tomorrow's Premier product (which she said she herself is buying):
  1. "that they can find out what all of the CAGE is about tomorrow"
  2. The product retails for over $108 normally at other locations.
Any idea what it is? Let me know your guesses below!

Visit My My Style room at Send the Trend and vote for MY style!

Getting My "Rock Girl" on Again!

My good friends Terri and Bev took me out to a Bret Michaels concert last Friday. I really enjoyed my makeup, so of course I'm sharing it!

Face of the Night - Sept 09, 2011

At the concert, this one guy in front of me said the magic words I love to hear: "You look like Alicia Silverstone". Of course, then I realized he had her confused with Reece Witherspoon because he was thinking "That girl from Fear". Well either way, it's a compliment in my book.
Face of the Night - Sept 09, 2011
Face of the Night - Sept 09, 2011
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • Chanel Cream Eye Shadow in Illusoire - I'm in LOVE with this! I'll write about it later, but basically I used my finger to pat it over my lid.
  • Evil Shades Eyeshadow in Amulet - In the crease.
  • Inglot Eye Shadow in 347 - Brow bone.
  • MAC Eye Shadow in Idol Eyes - MAC's problem child shadow... used in the corner of my eye and under my eye just a touch.
  • MAC Eye Shadow in Contrast -  the tiniest smidgen in the outer corner to darken it out.
  • MAC Eye Kohl in Feline - Lined upper and lower lashes.
  • MAC Plushlash Mascara in Plushblack
  • Mary Kay Timewise Foundation in Ivory 6
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in By Candlelight
  • MAC Blush in Stunner - GET THIS BLUSH!
Face of the Night - Sept 09, 2011Lips
  • MAC Cremestick liner in Pink Treat
  • MAC Lipstick in Pink Plaid - I think MAC Bombshell has competition for my favorite pink now.
 Well, I got a beer out of the guy for correcting him on the Silverstone/Whitherspoon thing. He also was kind enough to take my flip camera from me... since I was wearing flats I was grateful for his height.
Check out a bit of Bret doing Sublime!

    Monday, September 12, 2011

    Althea Harper Spring 2011 - Some Quick Screen Captures

    Managed to grab a few screen captures while watching the live show... I'm sure these don't do the garments justice, but hopefully the live show will be viewable later in it's entirety. For now...  Check these out!

    I think this next one has a spot in my closet already... (BTW, the back is AWESOME)

    Attending Dayton PUSH Bachelor Charity Auction

    Dayton Push Bachelor Auction 2011

    Dayton Push Bachelor Auction 2011
    Dayton's Bachelors, Nominated by You and Selected by PUSH
    This post is way overdo. But to be honest, posts like this intimidate me because I want to write up something really great for the charity. If you've been following my PUSH posts, then you know that "PUSH" stands for "Professionals United For Sexual Health". They are primarily responsible for raising money for the free condom program of Dayton's Planned Parenthood division. In fact, I believe their chair Monica Bartlet said that last year they provided for 50,000 condoms. 50k! Now just imagine if those 50,000 condoms hadn't been around. Yikes! So PUSH Dayton - YOU ROCK!

    Dayton Push Bachelor Auction 2011
    Read the Fine Print: Styrch Donated Wine!
    The auction itself was held in the Dayton Raquet Club. I had no idea this existed before this night. It's this pretty awesome club up on the top floor of one of Dayton's sky scrapers. You can look out from around their floor and literally see the whole city. I could even see so far as our little town which is about 10 miles or so south of Dayton. It was an amazing view!

    Dayton Push Bachelor Auction 2011
    Jenny, posing with one of her "wins"
    I took my husband with me to the Bachelor auction. You might think this is pretty strange, but really... you can bid on the Bachelor's Package (yes I said "package") and it's your choice whether or not to bring the bachelor with you on the date. My husband and I had hoped to win this one with cooking lessons at one of our favorite restaurants, El Mason, but we were out bid. Oh well. My friend Bev had some really great luck - she scored two bachelors/packages. The same was true for my friend Jenny.

    Dayton Push Bachelor Auction 2011
    Lisa and Bechelor
    Now just because two of my friends walked away with two bachelors doesn't mean this event wasn't well attended. It was. The ladies were out in force! Oddly enough, so were the guys. It makes perfect sense when you think about it - of course a bachelor auction would be a GREAT place to pick up single chicks! And yes, I'd say nearly every woman who attended got hit on at least once by someone (whether they were married or not). It was quite amusing.

    MCing the event was Lisa of the Beaute Box. Her co-host was actually the boyfriend of Karen Meade, who I believe is director of development for Planned Parenthood in Dayton. The two hosts bantered back and forth with the bachelors as each one got a turn in the spotlight before bidding ended. Bidding was held in silent auction style. I was a little dissapointed in that because I wanted to see some cougars out bid each other in a live bidding war like the tv shows. But I guess that doesn't happen in real life.

    Dayton Push Bachelor Auction 2011
    Monica was last year's auctions "Success Story", btw.
    Isn't that picture priceless?
    BIG PROPS to Monica for ROCKING that white dress!
    So how did the auction do? If I remember Monica correctly, the event ended up raising $4000 for PUSH, which was more than their auction the previous year. YAY!!! SUCCESS!!!  Imagine how many schlongs can get wrapped with $4000, right?

    Of course, I wouldn't be doing my part if I didn't ask you as well to chip in. Dear readers, this is a great cause. And I hope that you will support it by donating as well.

    Donate to PUSH
    Check out PUSH on Facebook

    By the way, I've had so much fun at the two PUSH events I've been happy to be a part of that I am going to do my best to make this charity a personal priority of mine and get a little more involved. Think I can? I think so. This group is awesome!

    Althea Harper Premiers Her Spring Collection at 7 pm Tonight!

    Guess what I will be doing tonight? Hopefully tuning into to Althea Harper's Spring 2012 debut. Those of us not in New York will be able to view the collection via Watchittoo again. I had trouble with this last time due to having really crappy wifi at my house. I hope that the experience will be better this time around.

    View the presentation at,  or


    7:00-7:30pm: Behind the scenes
    8:15-8:45pm: Live Althea Harper Runway
    8:45-9:15: Collection preview and runway content
    9:15-9:30pm: Live Q & A with Althea Harper

    Good luck, Althea! We're cheering for you! 

    Saturday, September 10, 2011

    Beauty Spotlight Team: What's in Pammy Blogs Beauty's Makeup Bag?

    Hey it's Mystery Makeup Bag time again! This one comes from Pammy Blogs Beauty. If you look carefully in that picture I think she's giving us quite a few hints as to what's in side her bag. It's sheer after all. So I ask you, what do you spy in her bag? What do you know is in there? What can you guess is in there that we can't see? Find out for sure by visiting Pammy Blogs Beauty!

    Thursday, September 8, 2011

    "Get Into Your Slutty Halloween Costume" Shakeology Cleanse! Sign Up Now!

    Hey Shakeology Fans! 

    It's time for another cleanse! I've decided to time this one around the time of Halloween, or as many of us think about it "National Scantily Clad Dress" day! So to prep for being able to be your svelte healthy selves in the most bangin' costume you can find, let's clean up our diet a bit with the Shakeology cleanse!

    As usual, here are the Shakeology Cleanse Rules:
    • Join My Facebook Event!
    • Choose any 3 days out of the week of October 17th.
    • 3 Shakeology servings a day made with ice and water.
    • 1 piece of fruit as a snack. 2 if you're not trying to lose weight. 
    • 2 cups of green tea
    • 1 salad made with greens, non-starchy veggies, light dressing, and 3-4 oz of protein.
    • Do this for 3 Days!!!
    • PARTICIAPTE on the Facebook Thread for this Event!
    Sample Cleans Day Eating (based on what I do)
    • Breakfast: Shakeology made with water and ice, Cup of Green tea after
    • Lunch: Salad made with chicken, spinach, craisins, cucumbers, lettuce, and red wine vinaigrette. Side cup of light ranch to dip chicken in.
    • Snack: Fruit, usually an apple, cup of green tea
    • Dinner: Shakeology made with water and ice
    • Desert: Shakeology made with water and ice
    Three days, that's all. If you get dizzy, have 10 almonds or another piece of fruit. You CAN do light exercise on this cleanse, but don't wear yourself out!

    Out of everyone who completes the cleanse, I'll put you in a drawing to win a prize to help you with your fitness goals (we'll choose it together from a list I'll provide). Anyone who has checked in every day of their cleanse on the Facebook even thread, AND completed the cleanse will be able to win.

    Obtaining Shakeology
    If you do not already have your Shakeology you can always purchase a bag through me. If you're not ready to purchase a full 30 day bag, I will be putting together Special Cleanse Packets for people, but you have to let me know in advance!

    • Cleanse Packet Price (local, as in I can physically hand it to you easily): $45
    • Cleanse Packet Price Shipped (US only): $50
    A cleans packet consists of 9 Shakeology servings. These are specifically meant for the Cleanse, though you can always purchase them and choose not to participate. If you order a cleanse packet I require that you sign up for a FREE Team Beachbody Memebrship. Those of you who have already done so do not have to do this again.

    US only at this time, unless you are able to make special arrangements with me (in other words email me).

    Who's in?

    Shabby Apple Introduces "Academia" - and you can get 10% off

    Awesome! Shabby Apple just caught my attention again! They just introduced a collection of reasonably priced dresses/skirts that look perfect for the fall season! And, best you can accessorize them easily! See the above image of the cute redhead in glasses? She paired the simple gray Academia ($86) dress with turquoise beads, yellow shoes, and a rocking pair of funky tights!  The possibilities are endless!

    Academia is my favorite of the collection, although I think 4.0 ($86), After Class ($78), Extra Credit ($82) and Study Hall ($86) also deserve a look!

    Use code BOOKS10 to get 10% off until September 14.
    Also (and better) you can instead use code IVY  for 15% off and free shipping! (This is available because Pretty in Dayton is an Affiliate). Expires Sept 30.

    Pretty in Dayton is a Shabby Apple affiliate, though has not benefited from this affiliation yet. So in other words, SHOP so I can shop too! :)

    Wednesday, September 7, 2011

    Zoya Holiday Collection Information - Gems and Jewels

    Zoya's doing bar glitter! Awesome! I'm glad to see it's not hexagons.

    I was already intrigued by this collection after seeing Michelle's (All Lacquered Up) wonderful exclusive write up yestereday. (Heads up: She's also doing a giveaway!) I'm the first to admit I am usually not the type to have the patience to layer but lately I have been seeing the light (I got my hands on OPI Crown Me Already! which I have yet to share). I think Zoya put together a collection of polishes that when mixed and matched will make for the perfect party mani.

    Color names and information:
    • Rina (ZP576): Full coverage, rich green metallic shimmer. 
    • Holly (ZP577): Gorgeous green glitzy, glitter glaze (with unique bar glitter). 
    • Kissy (ZP578): Full coverage, party pink metallic shimmer. 
    • Izzy (ZP579): Vivid pink glitzy, glitter glaze (with unique bar glitter). 
    • Twila (ZP580): Full coverage, icy blue metallic shimmer. 
    • Noel (ZP581): Bold blue glitzy, glitter glaze! (with unique bar glitter)
    (Noel and Twila's names might be mixed up... I think Twila is more fitting a bar glitter and I'm pretty sure that's what Zoya intended).

    Can I just say that I love the fact that we're getting a "Twila" though I wish it was spelled "Twyla". It just sounds fun.

    By the way, you know I want to copy that eye shadow. :)

    Gems and Jewels will be shipping on September 15 from Zoya.