Monday, September 12, 2011

Attending Dayton PUSH Bachelor Charity Auction

Dayton Push Bachelor Auction 2011

Dayton Push Bachelor Auction 2011
Dayton's Bachelors, Nominated by You and Selected by PUSH
This post is way overdo. But to be honest, posts like this intimidate me because I want to write up something really great for the charity. If you've been following my PUSH posts, then you know that "PUSH" stands for "Professionals United For Sexual Health". They are primarily responsible for raising money for the free condom program of Dayton's Planned Parenthood division. In fact, I believe their chair Monica Bartlet said that last year they provided for 50,000 condoms. 50k! Now just imagine if those 50,000 condoms hadn't been around. Yikes! So PUSH Dayton - YOU ROCK!

Dayton Push Bachelor Auction 2011
Read the Fine Print: Styrch Donated Wine!
The auction itself was held in the Dayton Raquet Club. I had no idea this existed before this night. It's this pretty awesome club up on the top floor of one of Dayton's sky scrapers. You can look out from around their floor and literally see the whole city. I could even see so far as our little town which is about 10 miles or so south of Dayton. It was an amazing view!

Dayton Push Bachelor Auction 2011
Jenny, posing with one of her "wins"
I took my husband with me to the Bachelor auction. You might think this is pretty strange, but really... you can bid on the Bachelor's Package (yes I said "package") and it's your choice whether or not to bring the bachelor with you on the date. My husband and I had hoped to win this one with cooking lessons at one of our favorite restaurants, El Mason, but we were out bid. Oh well. My friend Bev had some really great luck - she scored two bachelors/packages. The same was true for my friend Jenny.

Dayton Push Bachelor Auction 2011
Lisa and Bechelor
Now just because two of my friends walked away with two bachelors doesn't mean this event wasn't well attended. It was. The ladies were out in force! Oddly enough, so were the guys. It makes perfect sense when you think about it - of course a bachelor auction would be a GREAT place to pick up single chicks! And yes, I'd say nearly every woman who attended got hit on at least once by someone (whether they were married or not). It was quite amusing.

MCing the event was Lisa of the Beaute Box. Her co-host was actually the boyfriend of Karen Meade, who I believe is director of development for Planned Parenthood in Dayton. The two hosts bantered back and forth with the bachelors as each one got a turn in the spotlight before bidding ended. Bidding was held in silent auction style. I was a little dissapointed in that because I wanted to see some cougars out bid each other in a live bidding war like the tv shows. But I guess that doesn't happen in real life.

Dayton Push Bachelor Auction 2011
Monica was last year's auctions "Success Story", btw.
Isn't that picture priceless?
BIG PROPS to Monica for ROCKING that white dress!
So how did the auction do? If I remember Monica correctly, the event ended up raising $4000 for PUSH, which was more than their auction the previous year. YAY!!! SUCCESS!!!  Imagine how many schlongs can get wrapped with $4000, right?

Of course, I wouldn't be doing my part if I didn't ask you as well to chip in. Dear readers, this is a great cause. And I hope that you will support it by donating as well.

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By the way, I've had so much fun at the two PUSH events I've been happy to be a part of that I am going to do my best to make this charity a personal priority of mine and get a little more involved. Think I can? I think so. This group is awesome!