Friday, September 30, 2011

Covet Conundrum - Help me choose what I get from Althea Harper's Fall Collection

Ok, so instead of my "usual" Covet post (which I haven't done for a while), I felt I really wanted to discuss what will be a future purchase. As you very well know, I love to support designer Althea Harper by purchasing items from her collections. You also know I have an (ever growing) wish list from her various collections - I can't possibly purchase everything I want so I need to make choices. My choices haven't always been optimal (to date my most used item is my Jess Skirt, which I adore). Which brings me to...

My Covet Conundrum
The pieces I want have somewhat changed from my first review of this collection. As my wardrobe has evolved this year, I have new needs. Also, I have a more concerned eye for cost per use. So what do I purchase first? What do I save for later?

Browning Jacket
The Browning Jacket (aka) The Killer Blazer - $560
This gorgeous leather beauty was a favorite of mine before I even saw the collection. But when I asked Althea Harper earlier this year what the price point would be, I was quoted $400. When I saw $560, my jaw dropped. Not that it is unreasonable - for great leather working it's perfectly reasonable. But I have a very hard time fitting blazers (arms, shoulders, back, boobs all a factor). Also, I suspect the cost per use will be relatively low. How many times will I really use this vs putting on my standard leather jacket? I love this (particularly with the shorts, which are also on sale for $165). And even when I saw it, my reaction was "Save a bit more! And then get it!" but after sleeping on it... I'm not so sure.

The Starlette Dress
The Starlett Dress - $385

This dress grew on me. Originally I had been thinking of a different dress (The Lucio Dress). But I sort of love the flow of this dress, the way it hits certain curves. Plus seeing it on Althea at various locations and functions on her Facebook page - this dress is truly a knockout. But again, cost per use would be relatively low. How many times will I get a chance to wear this? Maybe I could toss a cardigan over it and wear it to work, but would I? Probably more so then my Lorenzo dress... but not by much.

Clelie in Cream
Clelie Sweater - $190
This sweater is VERY now. The cutouts in the shoulder are spot on. I'm seeing this all over the place but don't own anything like this. On the other hand, it is a trend and it WILL go out of style eventually. When is anyone's guess. However, check it out on Althea in cream (to the Left). Now THAT I have a definite use for. Bonus - the cutouts look like they are done in such a way that would hide a bra. And my shoulders are starting to be my favorite part of my body.  I could rock this top. Cost per use, much higher.

Argento Dress
The Argento Dress - $375
I wasn't sure what I thought about this dress at first. I was intrigued by the print and the cut. I love the length. The cutout below the boobs had me worried a bit, but then again - I have some pretty muscles there so maybe it's not so bad. Also, this seems to be the "IT" dress in terms of a party dress from this collection. Following Althea's Facebook, this dress is showing up a lot on different people. It's flattering on thin frames - maybe not quite as much on mine. That's the question. Absolutely I could hide the cut out with a black cardi over it for every day wear.

I've crossed the awesome LBD  Delphine dress off my list - I just can't see the top being flattering on me as much as I love it. Same thing for the Neve dress. Both are lovely, but I can't justify them.

So What Should I Buy?
I'll be honest, I'm leaning toward Argento Dress or Clelie sweater. Both are priced quite high, but this is what happens when you shop boutique designer! So lend me your opinion and help me out!

You can now shop Althea Harper on her Facebook Page.