Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Favorite Mani Combo - OPI It's My Year Topped with Crown Me Already

OPI It's My year Topped with OPI Crown Me Already!

I can't claim this combo was my genius. I actually saw it on a swatch set in Ulta, where I purchased these two polishes. I fell in love with the combo there and had to try it for myself.

I'm not going to give the duo a review at this time except to say that I think It's My Year has a lot of similar shades - we've seen her sisters all over the place. But I don't mind. I like pink foils! But it's not a must have color.

Crown Me Already, on the other hand, IS a MUST HAVE color. It's not fantastic for layering (just a bit too thick) but you can get some nifty cool effects with a bottom color peaking through just slightly. For crying out loud - I counted at least 4 different glitter particles in here. That's so cool!

What color would you (have you?) paired with Crown Me Already? Let me know - maybe I'll give it a shot!