Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Quest For My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

Recovery week in Insanity! Yay! I needed this. I've been working like crazy on this "project" - the "Insanity version of my body", so to speak, and it's tiring! But I must say, I am THRILLED with my shoulders. I also was able to touch the ceiling in my living room by jumping up from the floor for the first time in my 5' 4" life! That's POWER baby! And jumping is really a weakness of mine.

On the downside, the Insanity diet has been getting boring. There's not a lot of flavor. I think that is facilitating some of my "munchies" cravings. Salt. Chocolate. Spices. WANT!!!

Weight: 155.2 lbs (+0.4 lbs)

I truly think this is water weight and muscle right now. I can see a difference on Saturday mornings with enough sleep and proper nutrition through the week so that makes me happy. I wish my camera could capture the definition I'm seeing. I'm actually really excited about it, so I'm not sweating the 0.4 lbs. Right now it's all good!