Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Quest For My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

First off, I must apologize for last week's lack of post. I was traveling and it presented some problems for me in terms of scheduling posts, including my "Quest". But I can tell you my strategy for that time week!

Styrch's Travel Strategy and Weight Loss
  • The Insanity program requires no equipment but space - I'll admit this did pose a bit of a problem when I was unexpectedly bumped to the following day on my return flight and ended up in a room with very little room for anything but two giant awesome beds. But for the rest of my trip, I certainly did get down and dirty doing pushup jacks on my hotel floor!
  • I brought my own Shakeology - always a must. Glad I brought extra for the morning of the day I got bumped. 
  • Try to make decisions based on the Insanity Eating Plan - this is where things went very wrong for me. As many of you know, when you're traveling food is plentiful but not necessarily unprocessed, prepared the way you would prepare, or low in fat.  I did eat a lot of fish! But I also ate at Panda Wok quite a bit too. No matter how much I tried to direct them on less rice, more veggies and protein they did not listen to me. And hungry, I ate it!
  • Avoid Alcohol - I never get this one right. I know it's the rule I should follow, but after a long day of testing I want my wine or beer with dinner. Especially if after that long day I end up delayed in an airport. 
So it is with great difficulty that I report my weight this morning. I knew it wouldn't be good:

Weight: 158.4 lbs (+ 3.2 lbs)

While I do believe this is part water and part muscle, I will gladly admit that it is also part alcohol and fatigue. My body is yet again adjusting to a different schedule. The second month of insanity is grueling. I am once again in limbo in terms of how many calories to consume.

However, I'm not giving up. As I told one other person this week (and have been told myself) "It's a marathon, not a sprint!"

Side Note
Wish me luck on Sunday! I'm going to try to get my Turbo Kick certification so that I can actually teach this kick-ass workout style live!