Thursday, September 29, 2011

Send the Trend Adds... Eye Shadow???

I love it that Send the Trend continues to surprise me...

Lourdes Neutral Palette from Send The Trend
I knew that Send the Trend would be branching out into makeup, or at least a hunch. I was chatting with Divya Gugnani (co-founder) and she asked me what my thoughts were. Me! Well, color me flattered. Anyway, it looks like starting next month this will be a reality. I got a sneak peek in my mailbox today when their PR/CS person sent around the usual pre-view email. Jaw drop!

The only thing I know about this palette for sure is that it will cost $29.95 (1 STT Credit). I don't know about the quality of the palette, so I can't comment on that. But five shadows (assuming good quality) with a brush (assuming good quality) - well it might not be a bad deal. The colors certainly look like they will be wearable, and I certainly will admit to purchasing a single eye shadow for the same price or more *cough*Chanel*Cough*. So who knows.

Honestly, I wish the makeup kit was paired with an accessory to complete the look, or that it was sold as a set with a lipstick, mascara, or liner. Something about this doesn't seem finished to me. But I suspect this idea may be evolving.

So what do you think?
Will you be buying makeup from an accessories service?

Unless you were in on the preview, Lourdes will be available on October 1. Let me know if you want an invite!