Thursday, September 8, 2011

Shabby Apple Introduces "Academia" - and you can get 10% off

Awesome! Shabby Apple just caught my attention again! They just introduced a collection of reasonably priced dresses/skirts that look perfect for the fall season! And, best you can accessorize them easily! See the above image of the cute redhead in glasses? She paired the simple gray Academia ($86) dress with turquoise beads, yellow shoes, and a rocking pair of funky tights!  The possibilities are endless!

Academia is my favorite of the collection, although I think 4.0 ($86), After Class ($78), Extra Credit ($82) and Study Hall ($86) also deserve a look!

Use code BOOKS10 to get 10% off until September 14.
Also (and better) you can instead use code IVY  for 15% off and free shipping! (This is available because Pretty in Dayton is an Affiliate). Expires Sept 30.

Pretty in Dayton is a Shabby Apple affiliate, though has not benefited from this affiliation yet. So in other words, SHOP so I can shop too! :)