Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Zoya Holiday Collection Information - Gems and Jewels

Zoya's doing bar glitter! Awesome! I'm glad to see it's not hexagons.

I was already intrigued by this collection after seeing Michelle's (All Lacquered Up) wonderful exclusive write up yestereday. (Heads up: She's also doing a giveaway!) I'm the first to admit I am usually not the type to have the patience to layer but lately I have been seeing the light (I got my hands on OPI Crown Me Already! which I have yet to share). I think Zoya put together a collection of polishes that when mixed and matched will make for the perfect party mani.

Color names and information:
  • Rina (ZP576): Full coverage, rich green metallic shimmer. 
  • Holly (ZP577): Gorgeous green glitzy, glitter glaze (with unique bar glitter). 
  • Kissy (ZP578): Full coverage, party pink metallic shimmer. 
  • Izzy (ZP579): Vivid pink glitzy, glitter glaze (with unique bar glitter). 
  • Twila (ZP580): Full coverage, icy blue metallic shimmer. 
  • Noel (ZP581): Bold blue glitzy, glitter glaze! (with unique bar glitter)
(Noel and Twila's names might be mixed up... I think Twila is more fitting a bar glitter and I'm pretty sure that's what Zoya intended).

Can I just say that I love the fact that we're getting a "Twila" though I wish it was spelled "Twyla". It just sounds fun.

By the way, you know I want to copy that eye shadow. :)

Gems and Jewels will be shipping on September 15 from Zoya.