Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011 - The Inmates Were Running The Asylum

I am SO EXHAUSTED from this year's Halloween festivities you're just getting a dump of pictures today. Can you deal with that? Good. so can I.

Me! Nurse Harley Quinn of Arkham Asylum

Halloween 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween 2011

Mr. J
Halloween 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween 2011

Our good friend, Ms. T!

Halloween 2011

Ms Gilly (Ms. E), Ms. T, and One of the Chicks from Dazed and Confused (Ms. K)

Halloween 2011

Ms. T and I hamming it up!

Halloween 2011

Ms. T with Mr. Jobs

Halloween 2011

We're still not quite sure why this guy has such masochistic tendencies...

Halloween 2011

...seriously, took four people to get him into his costume unharmed.

And now back to healthy eating, regularly sleeping, and longer skirts!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Beauty Spotlight Team - Week of October 29th

Our makeup mavens have more exciting beauty news this week; giveaways, reviews and a new website with a weekly podcast to discuss makeup and trends!

  • Is your makeup doing a disappearing act in the middle of day? Keep your makeup fresh and glowing all day long with Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray. Prime Beauty is giving away two, enter now!
  • Beauty, Bacon and Bunnies warns us it's getting cold outside and soon the holidays will be upon us. Always in the know, Joey brings us Part 1 the Holiday 2011 Limited Edition Collections.
  • Paula, from Older Girl Beauty, talks about her new site "It's Just Lipstick", where she and Meredith, from Retrodiva's Beauty, discuss makeup & trends in their own irreverent way in their weekly podcast & Spreecast.
  • Modesty Brown shares her small but perfectly formed collection of NARS eyeshadow duos. Well, perfectly formed if you're a fan of taupe!
  • Have you found the L’Oreal Paris Project Runway displays yet? Beauty Info Zone wants to you to see some of the gorgeous Watchful Owl products available. They are worth a search.
  • Can pale people wear gold lipstick? Lisamarie from Beauty Crazed sadly finds out that the answer to that is "no" but feel free to come and mock her anyhow!
  • Have you had a chance to try any Kiehl's products yet? If not (or even if you're already a fan!), stop by Lipstick Musings to enter the giveaway for a Kiehl's "Favorites" Kit. It's got something for everyone!
  • Visionary beauty takes a look at the Perle delight of the Guerlain ombre-eclat-4-shade palette in Les Perles.
  • Juicy! Juicy! Juicy! See what gorgeous Rouge Bunny Rouge lipstick has Perilously Pale drooling.
  • London Makeup Girl has a weakness for Chantecaille Lip Chics, and succumbed to one of the new shades from the Autumn collection. Have a look at it on her here: Chantecaille Calla Lily Lip Chic applied.
  • Looking for great quality professional brushes at a good price? You might be interested in Kim Professional Makeup Brushes. Pammy Blogs Beauty scopes them out!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Send the Trend Ventures Into Nail Polish!

Well over a month ago I learned from Divya Gugnani that Send the Trend would be offering nail polishes as part of their accessories selection. I was surprised when the eyeshadow sets came out first since I actually heard about the polishes before the shadows. Divya informed me  that the polish took longer to formulate, that STT went through many iterations of the formula before deciding to release these. I also managed to get some other tid bits of info about theses sets out of her so that I could share SOMETHING with you. Here's what I learned:
  •  All sets come with 3 colors, plus dual 1 base/top coat.
  • A quick dry top coat will be sent to STT VIPs  - I do not know who those are nor do I know if that is conditional on whether or not they purchase a polish set etc.
  • All polishes are Big 4 free.
  • I don't know all the sets but there IS a red set (pictured), a metallic set, and a French manicure set.
  • The metallic set contains a purple.
  • There is a polish called "Divya" and it's metallic denim color - how could it not be?
  • STT is reporting these as very chip-resistant, with week long wear possible.
  • The sets will most likely cost the same $29.95 amount. 
Particularly with that last statement - you know if there's one person who will have chipping problems with polishes it's me.  I am excited about these polishes and these sets. If they turn out to be good quality polishes then they will be worth the price.  I have a hunch I will like them more than I did Send the Trend Eye Shadow.  After all, how could I possibly judge the polishes on an eye shadow?  Expect me to splurge on at least one set of these sets.

What do you think? Will your tips be dripping with STT polish this November?

Image belongs to Send The Trend.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Quest For My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

Wow! I have a lot to tell you today! Let's just go in order...

Since last week I've started and finished a Shakeology Cleanse. During the cleanse I dropped 6 lbs (Yay!!!) but I gained a little over a pound back the next day. Others in my group on Facebook who were participating also had success to varying degrees. It really is highly individual. But I still like running those cleanse groups. I think it's so much more fun to do that WITH other people!

During the cleanse I broke out with hives. Talk about a nightmare! I had huge welts all over my body. My allergist attributed it to the Shakeology Cleanse but I don't think that was it. I don't have allergies to Shakeology on an everyday basis that I know of. But for now I'm on a large dose of antihistamines.  Much to your chagrin, I'll probably write something up about all of it because I ended up using a bunch of products to sooth my poor skin. that are worth knowing about. But regardless, I spent most of the weekend in a Benedryl coma.

Next I started the TurboFire Inferno Plan. I'm currently on Day 4. I have one more day left to go. Theoretically, you can loose up to 10 lbs on this quick 5 day metabolism start up plan. But having just done the cleanse, I don't expect to lose much on the Inferno Plan. I'm just doing it to support my friends who are doing it with me.

Which brings me to my weight today...

Weight: 153.6 lbs (-4.8 since my last weigh in).

With all the crazy stuff going on, I'm good with that for now. Still, I want to bust through that 150 mark and I'm a little frustrated that I've been saying that for about 10 months!

So what's up next?
I just discovered that I have passed my Turbo Kick Certification! So I have to start training to teach and get my classes set up. It's going to be super fun!

In other news, be on the lookout for a post on a new challenge I'll be posting on. Those of you familiar with Beachbody have already heard, no doubt. But just ask yourself if you're serious about your health and fitness and be on the lookout for my challenge post.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Evil Shades Challenge - 3 Looks With Different Products

A long while ago, I purchased a "blogger set" from Evil Shades. I told Andrea to surprise me as to what products she was sending me. Well, she did! What she sent to me was a collection of sweet confection colors, adorably pastel, and very complimentary.

So I told Andrea I'd challenge myself and do 5 days of looks from what she sent me. At the time, my creativity got very weak... I only got 3 days in. That is part of what kept me from posting this earlier. But I figure you need to see these because these colors are awesome. I'll talk more about that later. 

Yes, these looks are from a LONG time ago... I don't even have my pink hair yet! I'm just that behind in my posts.

Evil Shades Challenge Day 1: 

Evil Shades Challenge - Look 1

I look very washed out here and tired. I actually really was quite tired at the time. Sadly it shows. But the colors were so pretty! I think I made a mistake by putting the Fallen Leaf so close to the lid of my eye.


Evil Shades Challenge - Look 1
  • Urban Decay Primer potion
  • Evil Shades Spectrum Pot in Copper Reflection
  • Evil Shades Eyeshadow in Fallen Leaf
  • Evil Shades Eyeshadow in Victorian Night
  • MAC Plushlash Mascara in Plushblack
  • Mary Kay Timewise Foundation in Ivory 6
  • Evil Shades Blush in Pink Noise
Evil Shades Challenge - Look 1
  • Evil Shades Lipstick in "Unnamed Lippie" - I love the color of this lipstick! I hope it gets named and becomes purchasable. But I'm happy I got this little surprise.
Copper Reflection is a gorgeous color. If you're digging fall bronzes, this is a color to get.

Evil Shades Challenge Day 1:

Evil Shades Challenge - Look 2

Not looking quite as tired. :)


Evil Shades Challenge - Look 2
  • Evil Shades Spectrum Pot in Pink Prism
  • Evil Shades Eye Shadow in Bronze Leaf
  • Evil Shades Eye Shadow in Imp - used as liner
  • Mac Plushlash Mascara in Plushblack

  • Mary Kay Timewise Foundation in Ivory 6
  • Evil Shades Blush in Pink Noise
Evil Shades Challenge - Look 2

  • Evil Shades Lipstick in Caged Gypsy - This is a great go-to shade for lips. I have picked it up several times since this Challenge. I sheered the heck out of this color, by the way. It's much darker in it's natural state.
Evil Shades Challenge Day 3:

Evil Shades Challenge - Look 3

 Morning sun! Yay, morning sun.

Evil Shades Challenge - Look 3
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • Evil Shades Eye Shadow in Victorain Night
  • Evil Shades Eye Shadow in Imp
  • Mac Plushlash Mascara in Plushblack
  • Mary Kay Timewise Foundation in Ivory 6
  • Evil Shades Blush in Bronze Skies
Evil Shades Challenge - Look 3
  • Evil Shades Lipstick in Deception
Things you need to check out on Evil Shades
The spectrum pots are very nice. I like these quite a bit. They are a bit more thick than MAC Paint Pots, but they are still workable. You'll dig them if you like cream shadows. Also Victorian Vamp is an awesome color! Just go for it.

Evil Shades can be purchased from their website. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Beauty Spotlight Team - Mystery Makeup Bag of London Makeup Girl

It's time for a look inside another Beauty Spotlight Team member's makeup bag, and this week it is Grace London's turn to dish the dirt and show us the stuff. Is she a minimalist, or does she carry everything but the kitchen sink inside her daily essentials kit? What secrets are hiding inside London Makeup Girl's bag?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Year Later - Still Dreaming of DVF Patchwork Jori...

I thought today I would reflect on one of my most coveted (and briefly owned disasters) the DVF Jori Dress in the patchwork menswear fabrics.

As you may recall, last November I actually acquired this dress.  I fell in love, but the zipper presented a problem. Fall is upon us once again and I continue to dream about the adorable (and kick-ass) Jori dress in the grey menswear prints I adored.

At the time of the zipper disaster I wrote off obtaining this dress for fear of another zipper problem. I said to myself "There will be another dress!" and several of you, my readers, agreed with me. I find that contrary to what I had said, there hasn't been "another dress" and my mind continues to stray to this Jori.

Ebay still offers options. My beloved patchwork Jori continues to make appearances. But I'm hesitant since the cost his higher than I paid back in November and you never know if you're getting a knock off. I may have to send an inquiry back to and see if they still have this stashed somewhere... I doubt it but hope lives on...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Quest for My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

Bad iPhone Pic Post Fit Test
I doubt I lost weight. In fact I probably gained this week (haven't looked yet) but I totally do not care. Shaun T can officially bite me.

Weight:158.4 lbs (+1.2 lbs)

That's disappointing but I've been really bad about food this last week. It's like I just couldn't take it anymore. I followed the Insanity plan for individual meals, but when it came to snacks or eating with my husband I was far less concerned.

I'm done with Insanity!!! 
This is serious cause for celebration. That was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life concerning physical activity. Every day, for an hour, brutally pounding my body.

Seriously, my primary goal was to GET THROUGH and FINISH Insanity. That's how hard this last month has been. I'll write a formal review, of course. I just need to take real "after" pictures for you. Look for it soon!

Final Insanity Fit Test Results

Fit Test 1 Fit Test 2 Fit Test 3 Fit Test 4 Fit Test 5
Switch Kicks 120 145 153 146 154
Power Jacks 51 74 76 84 153
Power Knees 106 116 120 128 129
Power Jumps 39 51 60 77 81
Globe Jumps 8 10 12 12 12
Suicide Jumps 13 19 21 21 21
Push-Up Jacks 19 25 23 28 33
Low Plank Oblique 64 99 114 124 136

I'm also starting my Shakeology Cleanse today... so expect daily updates for the next three days. After that I'll resume my normal calorie counting. I am also going to do the TurboFire Inferno plan starting Sunday through Thursday. You can still join me on Facebook if you want to take part.

Btw, check out the blog A Slice of Kiwi. Kimi just finished a Marathon and she deserves serious congratulations. Go over there, and tell her you're proud!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sister Post: Blushes You Can't Have - Cargo Gotham

Many apologies to the lovely Elvira at Pink Sith. I have been remiss in my duties as a Sister Blogger in posting my hard to find blushes. Hopefully I can finish the year strong!

I have a little bit of an infatuation with Batman. No secret. I love him and anything connected to him. A million years ago when I was on MUA and going through swatches I found this blush by Cargo called “Gotham”. Sold!

Cargo Gotham
Cargo Gotham Blush

Cargo Gotham
One problem with that – At the time I found the blush it was already a discontinued blush. So, utilizing MUA,  I put it on my wish list. A month or so later, one of the people with whom I had talked frequently on MUA was looking through my list and saw that I wanted Gotham. She had my coveted blush and sent it to me just to be nice.

Cargo Gotham
Gotham is singular in my collection by both being warm and cool at the same time, yet not exactly neutral. At times the color is straight up pink, other times it looks more coral/rose when the particles are mussed up. When the powder is laying flat and un-mussed you can see a blue-lavender sheen on top. It’s a very complex shade for a blush  and I have not found it's equal in all ways. Sure, I have found similar but nothing quite the same. That makes it special!

My Gotham blush is old. If I use it I give a good wipe first to make sure it’s not carrying any zit-creating bacteria. But I’m not going to chuck her! After all, she’s unique. And you can’t have her.

Blushes You Can't Have On Pink Sith

Blushes You Can't Have is a series originated on the Pink Sith Blog. Pretty in Dayton participates with the expressed permission of the Pink Sith Blog

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Beauty Spotlight Team - Week of October 15th

This week the Beauty Spotlight Team is in a wild mood. Not only are there some gorgeous cosmetics for you to drool over but there are giveaways galore. Check out all of our teams posts, you won’t regret it.

Have you heard about the Halloween Mega Beauty Blogger Giveaway? If you haven’t you are missing out on the chance to win a $500 e gift card to Sephora. Several of our Beauty Spotlight Team members are participants in this so visit one of their blogs to enter: Beauty Info Zone, Makeup Merriment, My Beauty Bunny and Prime Beauty.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Review: Chanel Illusion D'Ombre Eye Shadow in Illusoire

I've said this before... there are occasions where I pay obscene amounts of money for an eye shadow. Usually that eye shadow has the brand name "Chanel" attached to it. This is one such eye shadow.

Chanel Cream Shadow Illusoire

Chanel Cream Shadow IllusoireChanel Illusion D'Ombre Long Wear Eye Shadow in Illusoire
As soon as I started seeing these shadows hitting the big blogs I become a little obsessed. I love cream shadows, and I love the intrigue of a "pot of color". It's no secret I'm a fan of MAC Paint Pots, that I've been playing with Evil Shades Spectrum pots. So why wouldn't I check out Chanel's version of the same concept?

After seeing swatches at the Dayton Mall, I set my sights on Illusoire. It is a purple/taupe/gray color that reminds me of how I wanted MAC Mauvement to look on the eye.

Chanel Cream Shadow Illusoire
The Brush
I assume that to justify the cost of the shadow, they threw in a brush! Well, the cool thing is that it's very travel-friendly, being something you open up and expand. I did not use my brush, so I can't comment on the quality. But even the sales associate at the mall said that for this type of product if you're going for wide coverage she recommended using your finger. I think that's just natural usage, though a bit unsanitary.

Face of the Night - Sept 09, 2011
Wear and Usage
Believe it or not, this shadow really doesn't crease! Yes, it wears all day long. I even did my Insanity workout with this shadow on and it DID NOT BUDGE. Superb wear! And I could remove it with minimal effort using a MAC wipe.

Note: The eye on the left is shown with Illusoire, Evil Shades Amulet, Inglot 347, MAC Idol Eyes, MAC Contrast, MAC Plush Black Mascara.

Bottom Line
It's a splurge, yes, but if you're looking to splurge it's not a bad one. In fact, I intend to expand my collection of these... just as soon as I win the lottery.

Chanel Illusoire, and other colors, can be found at your local Chanel counter or online.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Althea Harper, Kara Janx, and Carol Hannah Whitfield Battle Head-to-Head in the Pillsbury Bake-off Apron Design Contest

Vote for Your Favorite Apron!
Wow! Talk about a competition! Three of Project Runway's Alumni are battling it out on Pillsbury's Facebook Page for winner of... best apron design.  The winning apron will be worn by the 100 finalists in Pillsbury's 45th annual Bake-off in March. Ha! I love it!  Can you imagine? I totally want a picture of 100 people wearing one of these apron designs! How cute!

Plugging my Favorite - My totally  biased vote!
I'll admit that ever since my husband was given a green apron with the words "Kiss my Ass-paragus" I've always loved a good, fun apron. I actually like all three of these designs, but int his case I'm playing favorites.

Althea Harper actually sent me a note a requested I write this little competition up because she "really wants to win". Of course I'll vote for her! And I really hope that you do too!

Vote for Althea Harper (or Kara Janx, or Carol Hannah Whitfield) on Pillsbury's Homepage.

Quest For My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

For the last week I have not been logging my food. This is somewhat conscious. I'm testing myself to see if I can actually do "ok" on my own through the last couple of weeks of Insanity. So this week I was hoping to at least maintain.

Weight: 157.2 lbs (+0.2 lbs)
Yes, I consider that maintaining. I wish it were in the opposite direction but that's ok.

Next Week
I plan on finishing Insanity. I am going to start training for my TurboKick classes after I report my final Fit Test results! I am so excited to be done you have no idea. Then I'm doing a Shakeology Cleanse and getting ready for TurboFire Inferno Plan the following week. Let me know if you want to get in on either of those. As per usual I'm offering prizes.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Visiting Clash Consignment in Downtown Dayton

Clash Consignment Oct 2011

Clash Consignment Oct 2011
Ms. Mary Katherine Burnside
This past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to tag along with local designer Tracy McElfresh on a visit to Clash Consignment to do a photo shoot of her latest fall cape collection. More on that later, but I wanted to tell you about Clash!

Clash Consignment Oct 2011This store, run and owned by Mary Katherine Burnside, a lovely young woman who I met during the PUSH Dayton Fashion Show last spring. I was very excited to make her acquaintance again - you know what it's like when you meet someone very cool and nice but forget to connect. Well, second chance! Yay!

Clash, from my understanding, started out as a space being used for storage for another store. Mary Katherine came to the conclusion that the space could make a great store space too. And eventually she signed the lease and opened up Clash.

Clash Consignment Oct 2011Now Clash isn't your typical consignment store - at least not how I think of them. Here are the reasons why you might consider Clash over some other options:
  • The selection is... ecclectic - you'll find a lot of different things here. You're not going to be limited to designer duds. The focus is on your own style. Be forewarned - much of it is TINY. But you know once I start bringing my clothing there that will all change.
  • There's an art gallery! - I was enthralled with the walls of Clash. Selections from local artists line the walls, some available for purchase. It's like a mini museum of contemporary art. Most of it is a little off the wall and absolutely delightful (I vividly remember a picture of Jesus tagging his own tomb with the spray painted words "Roman's Suck!", and some little figurines that have been splattered with blood). You'll enjoy it.
  • There's a stage - Every first Friday of the month, Clash throws a party! They have live music, food and beverages (yes alcoholic) and you can come in and hang. Clash Consignment Oct 2011
  • Couches and a kitchenette to make you feel at home - In the back there are a set of couches around a coffee table, a kitchenette with a bar. When I saw it, the movie How to Mary A Millionaire popped into my head and I could just imagine transforming it into a space where local designers could show off their items to a few select individuals, like a specialized Trunk Show.
Clash Consignment Oct 2011I hope this was the first of may happy returns for me. The store has a real community feel to it. In fact, while were in there I ran into at least one other person I've met before (very rare for me). This store is not just  a place to buy clothing and trinkets - it's also a place to make friends. It gets a definite recommendation from this blog!

Clash Consignment is located at 113 E. 3rd Street in Dayton Ohio.
Visit Clash Consignment's website - you'll find hours and special events there.
To stay up to date with Clash Consignment, visit Clash's Facebook page.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Beauty Spotlight Team - What's in Prime Beauty's Mystery Makeup Bag???

I'll admit I've been most curious as to what Prime Beauty carries around her in her makeup bag. I've always considered her a practical blogger, full of incredible beauty wisdom, tips, and tricks. She's been a great blogger friend to me, but because of her knowledge and approach to beauty I've always wondered what she reaches for on a daily basis. Do you think that that her makeup bag will give us any clues?

Cindy's Paul & Joe bag is certainly stylish, just like the makeup maven herself. So what's inside? Any guesses?

Find out what's in Prime Beauty's makeup bag by checking her site! Tell her I said hi!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Reality Check: I am NOT a Machine! The pressure needs to go away...

Thank you to all of you who have been reading me over the last few years. I want to say that first and foremost. Never forget that I value you as a reader. You've indulged me, pushed me, and supported me in my ever changing quest for becoming a better ME. Thank you.

As you have most likely noticed, over the last few months my posting has decreased significantly. There are a few reasons for this:
  • I have been more focused on my weight loss and fitness than I have on this blog. While fitness is a part of this blog, I know that most of you started reading me for nail polish, not for weight loss. And... I haven't been doing my nails as often.
  • I don't want to spend as much money on beauty products that I'll use once for review, then put aside forever. It's a ridiculous practice and one I've been doing for far too long. It needs to stop.
  • The pressure to produce (though self-created) has had me TIRED. I work all day in front of a computer. It's hard to come home and then do THIS (after the workout, of course). I don't want this blog to feel like a second job. EVER.
I acknowledge these things. I want you to know them too, that way I don't feel as guilty.

My original goals for this blog were to post about what I wanted to post about. Soon that became a race to get readers. That meant having to post A LOT - multiple times a day, etc. But this is not consistent with my LIFE goals, nor is it really fair to you. For me to put out that much content would give you pretty crappy posts. And I have written a LOT of crappy posts! I don't want to write crappy posts!

This blog is an outlet for me to share my passions. I need to continue to do that for this to be good and productive for myself and for you the reader (I hope). If that means I'm not using the latest and greatest makeup and accessories, so be it. I'm going to start shopping my stash - there's nothing wrong with that is there?

I've noticed a trend, and will acknowledge my mistake now:
For a very long time I did not receive PR samples. Then suddenly, there they were. I got excited, and felt so grateful I had to write a post on what I was sent. My mistake: I tend to blog about what I'm sent for free more than what I buy and what I use.

There. I said it. And I am ashamed.

I feel an obligation if a company sends me a polish collection (for example) to swatch that first before putting on the color I really want to wear, or practicing makeup techniques I want to try. As a result, the color I really want to wear never gets worn or featured because I don't have the time. That is WRONG and it has to stop. When I write a review, it should be because it's something I feel is worth of reviewing - positive or negative. Not just because someone sent it to me for free. How I get what I review shouldn't matter in my prioritization for putting something on here, should it? I doubt it matters to you my reader so why should it matter to me?

Note to PR: I always feel honored when you send me something. You could have chosen someone else, but you chose me. But not everything that gets sent to me for free does get reviewed. I want that to be clear. I'm only one person. I have a full time job. Sometimes, even when you send me stuff I love I don't get to posting it in the time I want to, or at all. And I feel bad about that. I do apologize.

My New Promises To YOU ALL
  • I will be spending my money only on the items I need and want.
  • "Limited Edition" status will no longer hold sway over me. If I don't need it or want it, I'm not getting it!
  • I will no longer feel pressure to post entire collections of nail polish unless I want to do so.
  • I will not be prioritizing reviews of things I have been sent over things I want to talk about. 
  • I WILL only be writing about what I really want to write about.
  • I WILL continue to give you my truthful opinions. 
  • I WILL NOT let myself feel pressure over this blog!
This is supposed to be fun, not work. Right?

Pressure results in less passion. I need to let go of some of the pressure to regain some of my passion,  to make it a better blog experience for myself and for you.
How these Changes Affect THIS Blog
Me stating this really doesn't affect this blog in any way shape or form. But I'm not going to beat myself up if I let this sit for a few days.

I bow down to the blogs that can consistently post, that have the cash and/or sponsors that allow them to be more thorough. The "Great Ones" who are able to live on  no sleep,  who sacrifice having a life for their blog and love it. I am not one of those bloggers. I am, in many ways, one of the masses. I'll leave the power blogging to those who can handle it (and do handle it very well). I'm far better being me than trying to be something else.

Like I said, this probably doesn't affect this blog at all. But I sure feel a lot better saying all of this and getting it off my chest!

Thank you!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Review: Send The Trend Lourdes Neutral Palette

Last week I noted that Send the Trend was going to start having makeup on their site. Currently, this means eye shadow quintets. I was really curious about this, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend $29.95 on a set of eye shadows that I could not experience in person first. To my surprise and delight,  Send the Trend decided to let me order the Lourdes palette for free, so that I could review it for you all! I was surprised by this... and very excited. So I dove into the Lourdes Neutral Palette it the second the package arrived on my doorstep

Send the Trend - Lourdes Neutral Palette

Send the Trend Lourdes Neutral Palette

The Colors
True to it's "Neutral" branding, this quintet comes with five shadows that all look very wearable on a variety of skin tones. Cream is indeed a bisque cream. Purple is much more of a pink/plum.  Brown color is actually more of a sable. Grey is actually more sky blue than grey. Black is... well, your black with glitter you're used to. Here they are swatched:

Send the Trend Lourdes Neutral Palette
I really packed it on here, and the black had a lot of fallout.

If you want pigment, this is probably not the set for you. The only shade with significant pigment is the black shade, but it's also the most powdery. Expect fall out and be prepared for it. Some of the colors are buildable, though for the life of me I couldn't get the plum to do ANYTHING and I really wanted it to pop. it's too pretty to be so sheer!

Send the Trend Lourdes Neutral PaletteTextures of Colors
For all the shades but the black shade, they seem to have a matte/satin finish. They are good sheer colors. The black shade is quite deep. The shimmer that it has (yes there is shimmer) is more particle-like and doesn't read as a metallic when applied to the eye. I think a stickier base might be necessary here... But they all feel nice on the eyes and are very smooth.

I am most impressed with the packaging of this set. The case is sturdy, and both shows the colors as well as manages to look sleek. Inside you'll find a brush, which is far nicer than your average "Comes with the set brush". It's soft, and feels durable. I would use it in a pinch when traveling. Good job, STT!

Send the Trend Lourdes Neutral Palette

Application and Wear
In the following look I used the shades in the following way:
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion on lid.
  • Grey  - patted over lid as heavy as I could get it to go.
  • Brown - applied to crease.
  • Cream - used as brow bone color.
  • Purple -  used a little in outer corner and slightly under the eye.
  • Black - used as a liner on both upper lash line and lower lashline.

See? Super sheer!!!  And I packed it on! The shadows have a nice feel, are blendable, and will appeal to consumers who favor sheers. I'm just not one of those consumers. I did get a compliment on it at work, however... that counts for something. Maybe.

With my usual Urban Decay Primer Potion, these shadows still did not remain distinct. They really ended up fading quickly, and muddied by mid day.  I was surprised. Not the quality I was hoping for. I can't recommend this palette. 

These shadows and case with brush come to you for the usual $29.95. That breaks down to roughly $6 a shadow if you ignore the brush. I have paid less for better payoff.

Send the Trend Lourdes Neutral PaletteBottom Line
I can't recommend this palette. I'd rather pay $30 for one shadow that's awesome than $29.95 for five that don't show up, let alone last a long time.

Send the Trend offers several other Eye Shadow palettes. I was not made aware of their existence until after I had already used my code to get the Lourdes Palette. If left to my own devices, I would have chosen one of the other palettes to review (probably the Olsen Pink and Black palette, Or Marion Plum). But, I'd be very afraid that they'd have the same "Sheer" problem that Lourdes has. The Dita Cobalt or Bowie Multi Palettes look like they may have more pigmented colors, but neither are my cup of tea in terms of color mixture. If I were rolling the dice and buying, I'd choose one of those.

The product in this review was sent to me by Send The Trend for review and personal use. I am not affiliated with Send The Trend nor do I sell Send The Trend products.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Quest For My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

First, I do apologize for not posting more lately. Life... I've been traveling (which you know) and it has been more difficult to eat the way that I'm supposed to with Insanity. I've also realized that at this point I'm not using my Lose It app as I should be. I need to reconfigure it to take in a higher number of calories. But I am still using it to check my ratios of Fat/Protein/Carbs.

Let me get the weigh-in done then I want to tell you all this awesome stuff!

Weight: 157.0 lbs (-1.4 lbs)
Ha! I knew it would be better this week. I just knew it!

What GOOD Stuff Happened This Week
  • I took Turbo Kick Instructor Training! I love everything Turbo, so got way out of my comfort zone and took the training. I hope that I pass and that I can start teaching at work in the gym there to begin with. But I am SO INCREDIBLY PUMPED!!! 
  • I completed my Fourth Insanity Fit Test! It's just done and under my belt. That means I'm two weeks away from being finished with this workout. I'll be honest - at this hard intensity the only thing driving me is the idea of actually FINISHING. I am hitting my limit on what I am phphysically capable of doing. (See below).
Insanity Fit Test Results

Fit Test 1Fit Test 2Fit Test 3Fit Test 4
Switch Kicks120145153146
Power Jacks51747679
Power Knees106116120128
Power Jumps39516077
Globe Jumps8101212
Suicide Jumps13192121
Push-Up Jacks19252328
Low Plank Oblique6499114124

Two more weeks, then I'm back to TurboFire and training to teach Turbo Kick!!!

Incidentally, if you're interested I am running two Challenges on Facebook coming up:
I hope you get involved with one of those with me. I'd love to have a bit group!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Beauty Spotlight Team: Week of October 1

Good by September, hello October! But before you dive into those pumpkins and put on your sexy Halloween costumes, lets recap what the Beauty Spotlight team stumbled upon recently:
  • Lisamarie from Beauty Crazed goes glittery with the OPI Muppet Show inspired line of polishes - come check out her swatches!
  • The bloggers from Beauty Info Zone are fighting again. In the ring with them are Napoleon Mascaras. Read to find out whether Mesmer-Eyes or Peep Show Madame Fantasia wins this battle.
  • Everyday Beauty tested a couple red blushes to see if her cheeks could stand the heat.
  • Have you heard about Dior's new trio eye shadow palettes? Well, Shannon over at Lipstick Musings had to see them, and has discovered that smoky eyes aren't just for evening anymore with the 3 Couleurs Smoky Eye Palette in Smoky Khaki. Plus, the packaging is to die for!
  • London Makeup Girl pulled out some of her favourite products for an Old Hollywood red lip look. You can see what she used here in her Julie Hewett Face of the Day.
  • Makeup Merriment has fallen in love once again with the Rouge Bunny Rouge line. This time it's the eye liners that have her enamored.
  • Modesty Brown shares new pretty, Rouge Bunny Rouge Long-lasting eye pencil in Lola and ponders the merits of automatic versus regular liners.
  • Paula, from Older Girl Beauty, had breakfast with Mally Roncal, from Mally Beauty, and tells us about Mally's latest bulletproof kit available on QVC.
  • Ever wondered what skincare is safe for use in pregnancy? Be sure to check out Pammy Blogs Beauty's review of Belli Skincare!
  • Do your eyes suffer from fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles? Perilously Pale thinks this eye treatment is worth checking out!
  • I learned all about "brow mapping" at the Benefit Brow Bar in the Dayton Mall.
  • Prime Beauty discovers that Hard Candy isn't just for kids and it's low calorie too!
  • Visionary beauty shows us the earthy toned nude palette from the fall Becca Lost Weekend collection.