Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Althea Harper, Kara Janx, and Carol Hannah Whitfield Battle Head-to-Head in the Pillsbury Bake-off Apron Design Contest

Vote for Your Favorite Apron!
Wow! Talk about a competition! Three of Project Runway's Alumni are battling it out on Pillsbury's Facebook Page for winner of... best apron design.  The winning apron will be worn by the 100 finalists in Pillsbury's 45th annual Bake-off in March. Ha! I love it!  Can you imagine? I totally want a picture of 100 people wearing one of these apron designs! How cute!

Plugging my Favorite - My totally  biased vote!
I'll admit that ever since my husband was given a green apron with the words "Kiss my Ass-paragus" I've always loved a good, fun apron. I actually like all three of these designs, but int his case I'm playing favorites.

Althea Harper actually sent me a note a requested I write this little competition up because she "really wants to win". Of course I'll vote for her! And I really hope that you do too!

Vote for Althea Harper (or Kara Janx, or Carol Hannah Whitfield) on Pillsbury's Homepage.