Thursday, October 6, 2011

Review: Send The Trend Lourdes Neutral Palette

Last week I noted that Send the Trend was going to start having makeup on their site. Currently, this means eye shadow quintets. I was really curious about this, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend $29.95 on a set of eye shadows that I could not experience in person first. To my surprise and delight,  Send the Trend decided to let me order the Lourdes palette for free, so that I could review it for you all! I was surprised by this... and very excited. So I dove into the Lourdes Neutral Palette it the second the package arrived on my doorstep

Send the Trend - Lourdes Neutral Palette

Send the Trend Lourdes Neutral Palette

The Colors
True to it's "Neutral" branding, this quintet comes with five shadows that all look very wearable on a variety of skin tones. Cream is indeed a bisque cream. Purple is much more of a pink/plum.  Brown color is actually more of a sable. Grey is actually more sky blue than grey. Black is... well, your black with glitter you're used to. Here they are swatched:

Send the Trend Lourdes Neutral Palette
I really packed it on here, and the black had a lot of fallout.

If you want pigment, this is probably not the set for you. The only shade with significant pigment is the black shade, but it's also the most powdery. Expect fall out and be prepared for it. Some of the colors are buildable, though for the life of me I couldn't get the plum to do ANYTHING and I really wanted it to pop. it's too pretty to be so sheer!

Send the Trend Lourdes Neutral PaletteTextures of Colors
For all the shades but the black shade, they seem to have a matte/satin finish. They are good sheer colors. The black shade is quite deep. The shimmer that it has (yes there is shimmer) is more particle-like and doesn't read as a metallic when applied to the eye. I think a stickier base might be necessary here... But they all feel nice on the eyes and are very smooth.

I am most impressed with the packaging of this set. The case is sturdy, and both shows the colors as well as manages to look sleek. Inside you'll find a brush, which is far nicer than your average "Comes with the set brush". It's soft, and feels durable. I would use it in a pinch when traveling. Good job, STT!

Send the Trend Lourdes Neutral Palette

Application and Wear
In the following look I used the shades in the following way:
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion on lid.
  • Grey  - patted over lid as heavy as I could get it to go.
  • Brown - applied to crease.
  • Cream - used as brow bone color.
  • Purple -  used a little in outer corner and slightly under the eye.
  • Black - used as a liner on both upper lash line and lower lashline.

See? Super sheer!!!  And I packed it on! The shadows have a nice feel, are blendable, and will appeal to consumers who favor sheers. I'm just not one of those consumers. I did get a compliment on it at work, however... that counts for something. Maybe.

With my usual Urban Decay Primer Potion, these shadows still did not remain distinct. They really ended up fading quickly, and muddied by mid day.  I was surprised. Not the quality I was hoping for. I can't recommend this palette. 

These shadows and case with brush come to you for the usual $29.95. That breaks down to roughly $6 a shadow if you ignore the brush. I have paid less for better payoff.

Send the Trend Lourdes Neutral PaletteBottom Line
I can't recommend this palette. I'd rather pay $30 for one shadow that's awesome than $29.95 for five that don't show up, let alone last a long time.

Send the Trend offers several other Eye Shadow palettes. I was not made aware of their existence until after I had already used my code to get the Lourdes Palette. If left to my own devices, I would have chosen one of the other palettes to review (probably the Olsen Pink and Black palette, Or Marion Plum). But, I'd be very afraid that they'd have the same "Sheer" problem that Lourdes has. The Dita Cobalt or Bowie Multi Palettes look like they may have more pigmented colors, but neither are my cup of tea in terms of color mixture. If I were rolling the dice and buying, I'd choose one of those.

The product in this review was sent to me by Send The Trend for review and personal use. I am not affiliated with Send The Trend nor do I sell Send The Trend products.